The Day of Poison!


 Matthew 10:29 was on my mind Wednesday morning. “One of them, (Sparrows), shall not fall to the ground without your Father.”  I thought about all the sick people that I had treated. How much He cares about all these aches, pains, fevers, traumas, lung problems and weaknesses. He is with these people.  I finished cooking the curry which would go with our rice for the morning meal, when a young man came to our door, asking us to check a girl that had eaten something that made her sick.   Upon entering the house I realized that I had a full blown case of anaphylactic shock on my hands! Apparently all of them had eaten boiled baby bees for breakfast. *  Nobody reacted to it accept a 14 year old girl, BahBlue. I quickly ran back to the house and grabbed Adrenalin and IV supplies and dashed back.  Her blood pressure at that time was 70/40.  There was no time to lose.  After taking emergency measures we loaded up in the truck, Blet Jaw driving and me standing up in the back of the truck, holding the IV bag.  We made the one and a half hour trip to MeDooGlow clinic where BahBlue would stay until stable. 

We were extremely hungry as we entered our house again at 2 p.m.  Our food, though shared with the ants, was still waiting for us, but we only cast our eyes upon it one time, when another young man showed up on the doorstep saying, “Two men are poisoned by mushrooms, could you please come and check them?”  Of course we would! They were located on different sides of the village, so it took us a while to check them both.  Two days ago both men were in the jungle and ate wild mushrooms.  One man ate leftovers for breakfast the next day.  Both men became intensely sick yesterday with much vomiting and diarrhea.  They were both dehydrated and suffered with abdominal pain.  We managed to get them both to our house where IV’s were started and charcoal and electrolytes given.  As I write this they are both sleeping and receiving much needed fluids — And we had our much needed breakfast at 3p.m.

The "In Patient Department" in the center of my house.

Oh Father in heaven, if not one sparrow falls to the ground without You, then I know You are holding these 3 people in Your hands today!  Thank you so much. 


*This sounds outrageous to us, but the Karen people as well as the Thai, are in the habit of eating anything and everything that moves.  I will not mention the list of things here!



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