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This is SiMoan just 2 days after his hot and cold treatment. This does not show the smile for ear to ear, because the camera kind of surprised him, but he was so thankful because the next day the terrible pain in his knee and ankle had vanished and his swelling was gone. He had climbed the mountain all the way up to the place where you make a phone call – quite a climb. Oh praise the Lord with me for His healing power and answered prayers!

2.   Three ladies came to our house one week ago with long term illnesses.  One lady had suffered for 12 years, another for 9 years.  We treated them as best we could and gave vitamins and natural remedies.  Then we told them about the God in heaven who only can heal us and that we love to pray to Him and ask Him to help and heal.  After the prayer one lady looked at me and said, Oh please come to our village and help us know about that God!  We need your help.  We do not know anything about that!  She is from a village close to the Pagoda.  One that we have not visited yet because it is so far away.  We can only do so much, but I am determined to visit them and pray for help to reach more villages! 

3.  A lady, PePaw, came from GeGhah village one and a half hours walk from BYT.  She was so happy we were home, because she was terribly distressed with lung congestion and had toiled up and down the steep mountainside with an incessant cough and shortness of breath.   Her lungs did indeed sound terrible, so  together with the usual treatments I gave her a hot foot bath with the cold towel to her head to try to relieve the congestion and teach her how she could do it herself.  While in the  process she told us she had no idea that things can be done to help you feel better.  She said:  ” We all just wait at home when we are sick to see if we will either live or die!”  What a sad position these poor people are in.  No hope when sick, so hope of heaven.   We prayed with her and told her a little about our great living God.   She seemed so happy as she trudged all the way back home again that day feeling much better. 


 Coe came to our doorstep a while ago, suffering from the worst case of asthma that I can remember seeing!  I trembled as I saw the dark blue color of his lips.  He could not speak which is a real big danger sign!   Oh his lungs could collapse any minute!  Quickly the usual medication and breathing treatments were done.  Next we gave a hot foot bath with cold cloths to the neck and head.  After 2 hours of treatments he was much improved.  We asked him to spend the night at our house so we could watch him, but he did not wish to.  We prayed earnestly for him.  The next morning he returned to thank us.  He looked good and was 80% percent better – thanking me for saving his life!  I said:  “No, I did not save your life, God did!!

5.  A Thai school teacher from next door, KrewSomSoon came to our house for the second time.  I had treated her for a problem with her nose.  It gets red, swollen, itchy and bumpy!  What a horrible condition to have!  I have no clue sometimes what to do, but pray.  That day I thought it must be an allergy of some sort, so I gave all the vitamins that are particularly good, like B complex, zinc, multiple vitamins, etc. for 2 weeks.  I listed the things to avoid eating.  One main thing is meat, coffee, tea, and asked her to taper off those things, and listed other common allergies she could try avoiding one at a time.  I gave her beans and a herbal tea to help her get off meat and coffee.  Her stomach bothers her a lot and I gave her ginger. I told her to return in 2 weeks so we could see how she was doing.  We prayed for her and she left.  

In 2 weeks time she came back thrilled.  She said that she had never been so well in all the years she had this problem.  She had been to many doctors in Bangkok and spent a lot of money, but nothing helped.  Now  she looked and felt so much better.  The amazing part that makes me want to cry to think about it, is that she earnestly asked us to pray with her!   She is a Thai, Buddhist, teaching the Buddhist religion at the school just next door to us, and asking for prayer to the God in heaven!  

Even now tears are going down my face to think of these wonderful people and what God is doing for the people here.  There is an awesome God in heaven who knows and cares and leads each day so we can do His work.  How can we reach all the people?  Jesus is coming so soon.  I see hearts reaching out everywhere to find Him!! 

Please be prepared for the tremendous story coming up next!!!

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