More Than Mud (part 1)

This month surely brings us into a heavier rainy season! Now some of the pathways we travel are small rivers.  Water is everywhere.  Even the grassy places around our house are so deeply saturated with water that the grass sends you sprawling quicker than the muddy descents!  The grass roots have no firm soil underneath them.   Many times I lie down to sleep and still feel like I am sliding down the steep slick pathways.

However, the rainy season and all the disadvantages that go along with it here in BYT has not discouraged the students of Sunshine Orchard one little bit.  I am delighted to tell you that every 2 weeks we bring new students out here to learn medicine and how to share Jesus in the surrounding villages.  I am so inspired by these cheerful, helpful, loving and eager-to-learn students!  They are learning about God in that school and only in heaven will we find out how many good seeds are planted in the hearts of the students there, and how far reaching are the results!

DahBlet and MaSowE came first.  DahBlet told me that because of her work here in BYT, learning how to treat the patients and going out to other villages, she has been inspired to go to her own village and teach her people about God.  MaSowE also wants to go into Burma and tell others about Jesus.

MooLoPoe and MaSoeThey came next:

MooLoPoe entering GeGhah village. Like many other older students at Sunshine Orchard, her parents sent her to Bangkok recently. They want their children to earn money to bring back to them. However, Bangkok only teaches them to loose their walk with Jesus, and they become corrupted by the world. MooLoPoe told me that she cried every day that she was in Bangkok because she saw how bad the people are. She begged her parents to send her back to the school. We had all been praying for her, so finally her Father came and got her. Now she is so happy to be back at Sunshine Orchard, and so happy to be here in BYT. Her face shines with happiness.

I cannot tell you how heart warming and uplifting it is to see these students kneeling in prayer and reading their Bibles before they sleep and when they wake up in the morning.  Our time together has been well spent in talking with many people in their homes and praying with them.


From left to right: MooLoPoe, 16, ThaThaE, 16, an older woman we were visiting, BeNayHtu, 24 and DaKooSay, 17.


I sat there thrilled to hear BeNayHtu tell an older couple in their home in WST about the Jesus he knew and had experienced!






OLayWah, is almost 3 years old. She lives in LaGlah village. Her Mother tells us that she pretends to be “TharaMoo Gayle.” Everyday she walks around the village with a bag in her hand. She hands the other children things out of it telling them that she is giving them medicine to help them get well.


This couple have been off opium now for almost 3 months!

3.  A man in BYT, WahNew age 32, has been off opium now for 3 months.  He also stopped drinking alcohol for 2 months and now stopped drinking coffee for the last 2 weeks.  He came to ask us to pray for him because now he cannot stop smoking.  Please join us in a special prayer for this man.  Satan  delights to come in like a flood, chaining these poor people to their habits.  I am so glad that Jesus tells us that when this happens He Himself will lift up a standard against him!


I asked what was wrong with the back of this little boy’s head. The Mother told me that when he was born she was unconscious for 3 days. The lady that was delivering the baby thought he was dead. Everybody thought he was dead, so the lady stuck a knife into the back of his head to pull him out.

I told this Mother that God saved their lives because they are so special to Him.  He wants them to know Him.


This lady of GeGhah village is dying.


Her legs are over twice their normal size and over a plus 4 pitting edema.  Her stomach is swollen along with her whole body.  She is in kidney failure and heart failure and it is hard to tell which came first and for what reason.  I did have lasix with me and other treatments along with vitamins, but it seems too late.  To make matters worse, I must walk out in 2 days.  Would I find her alive when I got back!  We tried to tell her about Jesus, but she seemed not to understand.



We visited this older man and his wife.  he had infections of the mouth and gums.  We gave him antibiotics and tried to teach him how to care for his teeth.  We knew he had an interest in the Bible so we brought him an audio Bible and showed him how to use it. He told us that he did not know or understand anything.  The only thing he really wanted to know is God.  Has anyone in America seen God.  How can he really know God!


 This is CoDaJoe village.  It cannot be accessed by truck or motorbike.  This was the first time we were able to go there.  It takes one and a half hours of rapid walking.  There are only 3 houses there, however our walk in was needed.  The people suffer from  malnutrition.  Each one walks about lifelessly.  Their faces are pale.

This young man’s abcess on his foot had the most pus in it of any abcess I ever cut and drained.


This is one of the 3 houses in CoDeJoe. You cannot get to any house without wallowing in ankle deep mud mixed richly in cow, pig and chicken dung.

Since I have lived in BYT this rainy season, I can see how an impoverished diet affects your life.  For a while here we have only had yellow beans covered in mold, rice and occasionally greens from the gardens of the villagers, or some we picked ourselves.  I have always had loads of energy and am used to feeling good.  But on this diet I found I was tired and struggled to keep hiking out to the villages.  This poor village of CoDeJoe needs lots of good food and cleanliness.  Something must be done!


This brings me to my next wonderful experience!  Travis!

Travis has been up here twice now, bringing Medicine and FOOD! He really is an angel of mercy! My energy is back and I am even more determined to bring better food to CoDeJoe!

Travis told me that he really enjoys the ‘adventure’ of driving his motorbike to BYT.  I would say it is more than an adventure.  I’d say it is high risk.  The roads seem impossible to me.  But he makes it every time!  -and when he gets here I feel it is Christmas and Birthday combined!

I am praying that Travis will receive the money to purchase a new motorbike.  This one is worn out.  He uses it for God’s work and helps many people because he is such a skillful driver on bad roads. I am sure the Lord will reward his labors!

Thank you Travis!

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