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After each rainy season here in Thailand, I have experienced joy over the first open blue sky and dry patches of ground.  This year, however, was different, let me describe the first clear sky day.

On September 5, I had woken up during the night to see the light of a full moon streaming in through the cracks of the split bamboo wall!  The next day dawned clear and beautiful!  After over 3 and a half months of heavy overcast skies with no clear patches and no hint of sun, moon or stars,  this was truly a delight!  I took pictures of blue sky alone.  After practically living in the rain and mud, the clear sky is much more appreciated!  It is certainly true that we do not appreciate the blessings of God nearly as much as we should.  Only when something is taken away from us do we understand more of its importance. This ought not to be so!

Now the rain has persisted but is much less drenching and further apart.  We are excited to pick up where we left off and continue the building project, except instead of one project in BYT we will move ahead on a second project in LaGlah as well!  Soon the trucks and elephants will be able to roll in with supplies to build.  Some things threaten to slow us down, but we will rely on the Lord to work all things out in His way.  It is His project and He will provide!

We plan to build just a house and clinic in LaGlah.  Even though they want a church as well, we are told that there must be 30 members before we can build a church.  I am confident that there will be 30 members in time, as God’s Holy Spirit continues to work on these people’s hearts.  And you continue your most valuable prayers!

I reminisce over the last 4 months.  Thinking about God’s call to my heart to work in BYT during this rainy season.  My fleece before Him was that if I got a 3 month extension on my one year visa, that would be a sign that He wants me  in there.   I was able to get far better than a 3 month extension (Which really would not have been long enough), I got a retirement visa!  No more problems over my visa.  So of course work went on in BYT during that time and what fruit for our labors!   -An entire village interested in the truth, several lives saved, and 3 people off opium!  Just to mention the main things.  Oh how unworthy I am to work for God.  How wretched and miserable I am, but this makes God’s working all the more pronounced, His glory all the brighter and most excellent!  Oh may I not deviate from His perfect will in any way along this pilgrim pathway.  He has simply amazing grace for us all.

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  1. Harvey says:


    You said that the first blue-sky day this year was different from the days in previous years when you experienced joy over blue sky and patches of dry ground. But you never explained *how* it was different–as far as I could tell…

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