Be Thankful!

“Be thankful unto Him and bless

His name.”      Psalm100:4

Mrs. White says:  “It is just as essential to do the will of God when erecting a building as when taking part in a religious service!!” Christ Object Lessons 350

Just think about how important these 2 buildings are in the eyes of heaven!  So important that we need to pray for guidance just as much as when we speak in church!   Also think about how important each person is that comes to us for help!  The ground and the buildings that will be built are already dedicated to God.  Each person who enters them has been prayed for in advance to receive health and healing as it is God’s will, and a knowledge of the living God. What a privilege to bring every detail of the work in prayer before the God of the universe who planned the building of the ark with Noah, the earthly sanctuary with Moses, and the God who is building beautiful mansions for us in heaven!! He has full control of it all, because really truly, all 3 of us here, know nothing about building projects, especially in the far away, high jungle mountains of Thailand!!


It’s hard to believe our eyes! The bulldozer is here – and parked just around the corner from our house!


For several reasons the building site for our house and clinic has had to be changed 3 times!  The last time it had to change just 2 hours before the bulldozer came!!  I am so glad that we can be clay in the potter’s hand, pliable and used by the Lord in any direction He sends us on, because if not, our hearts would be trembling and our nerves frazzled all the time!  Our last decision came because of the problem of the water, which gushes out of the ground around our house during the rainy season.  Some thought it would be fine to build there – others didn’t.  Apparently further out on the mission compound the ground does not gush like that.  The pastor who comes here about once a month, owns this land and he told us we could use any part of it that we wanted.  So at the first streaks of dawn, BletJaw, Breck and myself went out with our meter stick to discuss where we should build.

You can see our house on the left. The place we will build is right here in the foreground.


The first phase of clearing the land.


The smaller bulldozer at work on the upper level

Shortly thereafter the bulldozer came.  He worked all morning on the first level, where the house will be, took a break for lunch and then resumed on the lower level where the clinic will be.  He had worked only about two hours and was not finished, when 3 important looking Thai men came striding up, looking like they were not too pleased.  Right away the bulldozer man did one more back-up and then drove away for good!  Apparently the Obedour, (Our man from BYT/WST that is in charge of buildings and roads.  You might call him a commissioner in America), was so eager to help us with our building and get the bulldozer to us, that he failed to go to the highest man in MeDooGlow to get permission.  (He actually knew better).  The Thai government wanted to get the roads done first, and then it seemed it would be OK to do our project.  We also found out that the bigger bulldozer with a bucket on the front was broken down still.   Two trips had to be made to Chiang Mai to get more parts for it.  We thought that was the end of the bulldozers for us.  However, we discovered that the Obedour is not at all discouraged from helping us with the bulldozer work, even though he had been scolded the day before.  He knows that we still need more work done, because this lower level of ground is not flat nor is it big enough to build the clinic on.  So, today he came and took a picture of himself standing on that piece of land.  He will now take it to MeDooGlow and show the man at the top that it is not finished.  He will ask for the bigger bulldozer to come and finish the job properly.  I will let you know how that works out.

Here is the Obedour standing on the unfinished lower level.

Do you see how all these things have been orchestrated by our God?  We have not asked or worked to get any of it done, but these huge government bulldozers are here getting it done!

“. . . For the Lord is good; His

mercy is everlasting!”  Ps 100:5


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