Will You Love Jesus More?

The song says:  “If all I’ve done in the time we’ve shared is turn you eyes on me.  Then I’ve failed at what I’ve been called to do – there’s something else I want you to see. . . I pray for nothing less than for you to love Jesus more!”

Close to three weeks ago some people came to our house from NeLeeGwee.  They asked us to come to their village because WahPo, (ShePaw’s Mother) was very sick.  She wants to see me.  She was dizzy, could not eat or sleep because her stomach hurt, and her blood was not full enough.  I don’t know what that last symptom is all about but I hear it many times.  They feel like they are drying up inside.

Now this family is the one who had us cut off all the devil strings because they want to worship our God.  ShePaw is real special because two years ago, she had been deathly sick for three weeks.  We knew nothing about it, but miraculously by the guidance of God, we got to her house just in time to get her to the hospital which saved her life.

Now we are hiking out there to check on WahPo.  I really love WahPo.  She has the sweetest most unforgettable smile.  She is always begging me to stay the night with her when I come to visit.  This time I see no smile.  She is lying on her mat – pale, weak, and unable to walk. She tells me she cannot eat or drink.  She really looks sick. I do not know what specifically is causing her trouble. I have no tests that I can run so that I can arrive at a diagnosis. I pray with her.  Then I start an IV, and get her to sip some ORS.  While the IV is dripping I treat all the other patients, and visit another house.  Later they feed us.

It is getting late. The IV has infused and is D/C’d.  We begin a short worship.  During worship WahPo comes out to listen!  When we finally pack up our things and say good-bye, WahPo comes walking out of the house after us, smiling and asking us to come back sooner next time.  She looks like her usual self!  Her stomach is not hurting!  I am speechless as I shake her hand and look into her happy eyes.

I am always amazed at answered prayers!  What a solemn and most reverent occasion it is, because God’s very own presence is so close to us! I haven’t a clue how to describe to you the utter joy and enormous gratitude that swells up within me and overflows like a river!! God is so so good!  He is so powerful and mighty – filling the universe, yet right here with me!

This story only gets better!  About 3 weeks later we have scheduled ourselves to return to NeLeeGwee.  I was not prepared for the welcome I received there!!  WahPo hugged and hugged me.  She wanted her picture taken with me and then she wanted me to get it printed for her so she could put it up in her house.


WahPo:  She wore her incredible smile!

ShePaw also, wanted to be pictured with me.  Suddenly I felt  a Karen shirt being tugged down over my head and one of her newly woven Karen knee (Skirt) wrapped around my waist. She had changed into new clothes herself.  She smiled beautifully for the picture and I told the Lord:  “Oh dear Father, may it be You that they are really seeing in me, and may it be You that they are really wanting.  Please show Yourself to them!”

ShePaw and two of her children

ShePaw and two of her children


We did everything in the usual order:  Treat patients, eat and have worship.  All of my favorite children are here.  (I must say that all the children everywhere are my favorite ones)!


A nice crowd has stayed for worship.  BletJaw and I begin with prayer and then just a short story about Jesus.  I have brought the one picture of Jesus blessing the children.  I tell it the way Mrs. Ellen G. White writes it in Desire of Ages, and I have a picture of Jesus blessing the children. The appeal is that this Jesus is the very same Jesus today.  He loves you children just as much as He loved those children long ago. He loves the Mothers and the Fathers too.  Even though you cannot see Him today, or sit on His lap and listen to him tell stories, He is right here with you, and the stories we tell from the Bible are His stories to you.  He wants to bless you too. I ended by asking them if they would like me to pray for them that Jesus will bless them right now.  They really did!  After the prayer, WahPo came and took up the picture.  She sat staring transfixed on that picture for a very long time.  The children all came around her.  I can never take pictures of these incredible moments of time, but came close to capturing the rapture of the moment in this quick photo.

There is power in a Bible picture! There is power in the Bible! There is power in a prayer! This power is ours to claim for the saving of precious souls!


Truly they are not loving me more, but loving Jesus more!

The medical work and the gospel go hand in hand.  That night as I had my own devotions I came upon this quote from Desire of Ages page 87:

“Jesus worked to relieve every case of suffering that He saw. . . As He relieved their sufferings, the truths He taught were associated with His acts of mercy, and were thus riveted in the memory.” 

Dear Lord, You have relieved the suffering of these two ladies, please rivet your truth in their memory today.

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