Jesus said:  “Whosoever shall receive one such little child in My name receiveth Me!”


Going to church in BYT

You remember him from previous stories.  He does not know his age, he does not know the name of his Father or his Mother.  He knows nothing about cleanliness, only how to play under the house with the pigs, chickens, dogs, cows and dirt. The people in his village guess that he is 6 years old.  For almost 2 years now I have tried to relieve him of his skin infections and itchy rash due to a fungus that covers his body from head to toe.  When he comes to school in BYT, I am successful in getting him to come to my house twice a day for a good bath, medicine and clean clothes.  I begin to see improvement.  But this school schedule lets the students go home quite often.  Always SoRaChi comes back from his village in worse condition than the last time.  I found I was fighting a loosing battle.  I felt desperate to get him well because if you remember, his sister died of this same condition several years ago.  My whole heart goes out after this adorable little boy.  His Mother wants his infections to go away, but even after I taught her how to bathe him, she never does it.  She told us that if SoRaChi wanted to stay with us he could, or if he wanted to go to the MaeSalite school he could.  However SoRaChi did not want to go anywhere else.  He wanted to be home.  Of course he would want to go home he is very small and that is all he knows.

I prayed this prayer:  “Oh dear Father, give this little boy a love and trust in us so that we can help him get well.  Thank you so much.  In Jesus name amen.”

Two days later school was out for 4 days.  His skin was looking a bit better and I just could not let him go home now.  BletJaw and I asked him if he wanted to stay with us and get well.  He nodded his head, yes!  So we drove to his village, MeDeLeeGwee, (which is either 2 hours of walking or 2 hours of driving).  We told his Mother our plan for the 4 days that school was out.  She was happy to have us help him, and wonder of wonders, he was happy to go home with us!  As we stayed and took care of  the sick that day in his village, all the people gathered around him and marveled at how clean and well he looked.  As I looked at the other pitiful little children all around me that day, I saw an astounding difference in their appearance.  Oh how my heart ached for them, they were so filthy dirty and sad looking.  I gave them soap and started to take them to the water and scrub them, but they were too shy.  SoRaChi, on the other hand sat proudly by my side, helping me by handing me my stethoscope when I needed it.  The people all stared at him!

In just 9 days of prayers, baths and clotri/beta ointment, and good food, he was totally healed!  He told me, “Blellie”  meaning, “finished!”  He did not itch anywhere anymore – possibly for the first time in his entire young life!  Praise the Lord!  This is a miracle!  Now we need to go to MaeSalit for 4 days.  We drive to his village again to ask the parents if we can take him with us.  The Mother asked him if he wanted to go with us.  He certainly did, and when we were ready to leave, he bounded ahead of us to our truck without one glance back at his family.

I am almost a little frightened about the future now because it seems this little boy really really loves me and prefers me to his own Mother, and let’s not ignore the fact that I am in love with him also!  He glues himself to my side. He is always looking to see where I am.  I pray with him as he goes to bed.  We pray before we eat. He goes to church and worships with us. I taught him how to scrub himself all over with soap.  He almost scrubs himself too hard, but he gets every square inch clean.  Then I taught him how to brush his teeth and wash his own clothes. He is getting a good nourishing vegetarian diet.






He loves to help me


This balloon lasted all day


Sunday morning we left for MaeSalit.  He was well that morning, but as we drove he suddenly became sick.  It is not car sickness – no – he has never been car sick – this was much much worse!  His face got red, and his body became burning hot just in one hours time!  I am glad that I did not have a thermometer because I would be too scared to see how high it was!  The further we drove, the hotter the day got, as we descended from the high altitude of the mountains.  The road was long and horrible.  I had to sit in the back seat with him because our back seat is loose and comes right off to the floor as well as the back of the seat. I had to sit with him just to keep him on the seat.  The bumps were so great that he was catapulted off onto the floor.  (Me too)! I cooled him down with a rag and some of our drinking water.  His stomach hurt, his head hurt and it seemed he could barely move.  I told BletJaw that I wanted to go straight to Meta hospital because this had come on so suddenly it seemed he was in grave danger.  He was my responsibility!  Sitting there in the back seat with him I prayed earnestly.  He went to sleep.

When we finally emerged onto the main highway his skin did not feel hot.  I woke him up, sat him up, and asked him if his head and stomach still hurt.

“No.”  was the reply.  “I am hungry!”

From that time on he has been in excellent health. Yet another divine miracle!

Now we are in MaeSalit and he and I go to the stream every day and take our baths together.  I don’t have to do anything for him, plus this is the first time that he has not needed the clotri/beta cream!





I just had to add these 2 “before” pictures so you can see how totally miserable this poor child was – and this was only 9 days ago!  You cannot really see how bad it is in this photo.  BletJaw had to cut his hair so that I could treat his scalp.  I had him wear gloves because his head was so bad it was oozing pus and bleeding.

I must also add that we were able to get rid of those devil strings around his wrists!

How the dear Saviour loves the small helpless little children and answers our prayers.  How incredible this verse really is in Matthew 18:5 when you think deeply about it.  We really do receive Jesus when we receive and help the little children, meaning anyone just learning about God.  I feel a deep awe and appreciation of God – more than ever before! He gives us so many glimpses of heaven!

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