Peter’s Prayer Plus BletJhaw’s Prayer

Three posts ago I wrote the story titled:  “Brink of Disaster.”  Now BletJhaw has written his own description of that event and would like me to post it.  It is interesting to compare the same catastrophic event through two different eyes!  So here are his thoughts – – –

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The questions are: What can you do with your own strength? Without Jesus how far can you go? Can you be safe?

On a certain day, March 26, 2015 we started out to BYT from MaeSalit at 5:30a.m. About 20 mins after driving, it began raining. We cannot drive on our roads in the rain, because it is far too dangerous, so we turned back to MaeSalit. The plan was to go to BYT the next day.

It seemed like on that day the sun was out. It was hot and dry enough in MaeSalit to try again. So finally we started out that afternoon.   The short way to BYT was closed because the Monks are making a cement road somewhere on the way to BYT. But because of the rain we were not sure whether they would be working or not. It was a 50:50 chance. So we tried the short way. But we found out that the road was closed. We turned around to go another way, that takes 4 hours to get to BYT.

We started out with peace and joy, and also pretty much good weather. On the way, we saw a big bulldozer scraping and fixing the road. It was good. We were pretty much finished with the steepest parts of our journey. We had covered approximately ¼ of our journey, when it started raining again. As soon as the rain started we were kind of perplexed, wondering if we should keep going. . .

. . .But I do not get any clear order from anyone in the truck, so I kept driving for a little while, however, the rain did not stop and it was harder to keep driving. We kind of know that if we keep driving we might be in trouble. Finally I got a clear decision that we should not keep going. I better stop and turn around. I did!

We had to pass several steep, sharp corners downhill. I was driving the truck down the mountain. I saw two motorbikes having a hard time coming up. In fact they had to stop and help each other get up because of the loose dirt, which was now mud. I was carefully driving down, but not worried or nervous until we got to one sharp, right hand, downhill corner. I was using the brakes and steering the wheel to the right track, but the truck was not obeying.  It was out of my control. Very fresh loose dirt covered the cement road, making it extremely slippery in the rain. The truck is completely out of control by now and turning sideways. I guessed Satan was very happy at that moment, but I know the One that controls everything, so I cried out for help. I prayed a very short and quick prayer like Peter:

“God Help!”   then, “Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop.”

God answered my prayer right away. The truck stopped. I was using four-wheel low drive. I shifted into first gear, pulled up the emergency brake, and turned off the engine. As soon as I got out of the truck, I saw that 3 wheels were still on the concrete road, but one was off the concrete. It was on the loose dirt right on the edge of a sheer drop off.

The truck has a winch, but to use the winch on a downhill is almost useless. I was praying for help and I know everyone was praying for help also. The road was narrow, the truck was in a sideway position on the downhill. But we have to come out of it somehow, just not sure how to do it. Finally we let out the winch and tied it to a small tree. I started the truck and tried to go forward on the right track, but it only went sideways more! I was more nervous and quickly turned off the truck. As I told you, using the winch on the downhill was not easy. The truck was even closer to the precipice now. One wheel was right off the track. I was looking at the steep cliff and thinking in my mind – if I go down the cliff, I don’t think I will die, but I don’t know. I may need to go to the hospital for a very long time. The truck will be in really bad shape. I was praying in my mind quietly and I know everybody else is still praying also. We found a big log and used it to try to stop the truck from falling down the cliff. The log made me feel good, but seemed like it was really useless. Our only hope is in God’s help. We were using the winch, and had to tie off on 3 different small trees because the cable would not reach the bigger tree.

Shoes were useless in this mess!

Shoes were useless in this mess!

Even though I forgot to breath normally, finally with God’s help the truck and everyone of us were safe.

Brothers and Sisters, Uncles and Aunties, Fathers and Mothers, Grandpas and Grandmas, as you know, we started out in pretty good condition, just a while ago we were fine and without danger. But we can’t even trust our best abilities. To all my Christian family members, we don’t know what will happen to us in the minute. We don’t know anything for sure. While you are strong and have a chance, time and energy, give your heart to Jesus and work for Him. Please don’t waste the time and please don’t let Satan deceive you. With God’s help we can do anything. Now is the best time to give our hearts fully to Jesus and work for Him.

Tomorrow will never be safe without Jesus!





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