It Happened Again!

It is Sabbath night, April 11.  I had gone to bed early and was sleeping soundly.  All was dark and quiet.  Suddenly I was startled awake by:


Followed by a high pitched,


I came up out of sleep instantly and ran out to see what was going on!  There just inside BletJhaw’s bedroom, was another large, bloody, green viper with its mouth wide open.  It looked much the same as the one the previous Sabbath!

Here is the story.  BletJhaw had just come back into the house.  All was dark.  He went into his room quietly without turning on the light to put some clothes away that were on his sleeping mat. He pushed the door open a bit and went in.  Grabbing his clothes first, he then turned around and switched the light on.  Only then did he see it!  There just a few inches away from his left leg was the viper – head up and ready to strike! 

He doesn’t even know how he got around that monster unharmed to go outside and get a big stick, but he managed to kill it in short order.  


So this makes 2 Sabbaths in a row that the green vipers showed up in his bedroom!  This snake really would have bitten him if it were not for his guardian angel, because when he pushed the door open, it was lying right along the length of the door and must have been scooted into the room by the door.  He might have stepped right over it, stumbled over it, or touched it with his bare toes. We do not know how long or where that ugly creature had been lurking in our house, but what is sure that:

“When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him!!”

Many people here seem to be more interested in our church and heaven.  The devil hates it and seems to try to strike one of us with something every Friday or Sabbath before we preach.  I am so thankful for our guardian angels who are always there and never tire of keeping us safe.

I am also thankful for this lovely solar system that enables us to have reliable lighting in our house! 

And, I am so thankful that we do not have to fear the future only unless we forget how God has led us in the past, because we have been preserved alive time after time in so many countless ways! 

We are trying to be on full alert both inside and outside right now because a man just killed a very large king cobra in our village that was as big around as BletJhaw’s upper arm!  

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy:and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10:19 

However a snake bite is no where near as much to be feared as the angry bite of the devil.  Snakes are a very vivid evidence to me of the wickedness, angry hate, and deceitfulness of the devil, ready to strike when the gospel is taking a hold and when you least expect it. This Sabbath day he is exceptionally angry because (the man) and his son from GeGhah village, (That I wrote about three posts ago), came to church with us here in BYT!  He was all cleaned up and had a remarkable smile on his face!  As I saw him there sitting cross-legged on the men’s side of our little church, tears burned in my eyes and my heart longed for his salvation.  God is working upon the hearts and minds of the people here in ways we cannot imagine.  Only He knows what is in the heart. He only can draw the heart with His fathomless cords of love and fan the small sparks into flame. My heart cried out to God:

“Oh dearest Lord Jesus please protect this man and his house from the devil and keep him coming to the light!  Please show us just how to work for You effectively here in this place!”

Let us all be on full alert and plead with God like never before for the souls that are all around us. When you kneel to  pray tonight, please send an earnest plea for the dear people in our villages.  Your prayers DO make a difference here!

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