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I am leaving for America July 27 and returning September 9.  This year I was not planning to go to America, because I have been going back every 3 years. However, something important during the month of August came to my attention, and I thought I maybe should go.  I went home and claimed Psalm 32:8 and slept.  The next morning I climbed the mountain and called my Sister. She was astonished that I had thoughts about America especially in August, because there were certain people that wanted me to come and preach, and they were going to pay my way!  I know now for sure, God wants me to go!   I will go with peace and joy in my heart knowing that God sent me and that He has a work for me to do there!  He wants me to see you!!!

I have not been around internet for some time. So sorry to be leaving out a lot of stories and events over this last month. However, if you are near any of the following areas when I am doing presentations, please come and hear the rest of the stories.  The biggest reason I would like you to come is because I would love to see you!!


Gayle’s tentative schedule at FaithCamp West, Upper Columbia Academy, Spangle, WA is as follows:

 7/30/15 – 9:30 AM

7/31/15 – 7:00 AM

8/1/15 – 7:00 PM

8/5/15 through 8/7/15  ASI – Spokane, WA


8/8/15 – 11:00AM worship service; Hot Springs SDA Church (301 S.  Demers Street; Hot Springs, MT)

 8/22/15 – 7pm main program; Garden Plaza (4586 Forsythia Way; Ooltewah, TN)

 8/28/15 – 11am chapel service; Union Springs Academy (40 Spring Street; Union Springs, NY)

            5pm vesper service; Watertown SDA Church (18057 State Route 3; Watertown, NY)

 8/29/15 – 11am worship service; Kingsbury SDA Church (3994 State Route 4; Hudson Falls, NY)


Kelly Bolton from New York wrote this schedule out for me because I really did not know what it was.  Other programs are pending.

BletJhaw and I would like to really thank you for your prayers and your support. Truly this year we have felt more love and support from Americans than ever before, and it has encouraged us so much!  This is especially a gift from God right now because this past year has been more intense on us than any other year in Thailand!  We want to thank you with all of our hearts!  You are a blessing from heaven to us!


TharaMu WaNeePaw just came home from the hospital Wednesday, July 22! This lovely baby boy was born July 20 at 3:a.m.  All went well.  Praise the Lord she had it before I left for America, so I could see the precious little thing and help a little.

Just come home from the hospital - worn out!

Just come home from the hospital – worn out!



Now, listen to this!  I am honored beyond words!!  BletJhaw told me just after the baby was born, that they wanted me to be the one to name him!!  Now in this part of Thailand, Karen people need to give their children a Thai name on their birth certificate, however in addition to this, BletJhaw uses American names for his children.  So, his name is ‘Brayden!’

Big brother, Jonathan is delighted to have a baby brother

Big brother, Jonathan is delighted to have a new baby brother! Brayden!

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