Though you work for years and only one soul seems to be reached it’s worth it! God knows how to multiply! Let’s not loose heart now, keep pressing on!

They are calling us to come and do a worship in their home! PaDjee is 28 years old, he came to our house last week, to tell us that he now lives in a new bamboo house and they have never had a worship in it before – could we come tomorrow?

Yes, yes, of course we can!

I found myself seated on the floor in the most honored place, and there, with BletJhaw interpreting, I simply explained faith and how to please Jesus. It was incredible to see their faces as they try to grasp the things of God that they never heard before. Truly the Holy Spirit is moving on hearts here!

On the ‘ devil-spirit-shelf’’ there now sits a Karen Hymnal and a Bible!  Even though they cannot read.

After worship they served us dinner. My only thoughts were:

“There’s a sweet sweet spirit in this place
And I know that it’s the spirit of the Lord

There’s a sweet expression on each face
And I know they feel the spirit of the Lord”

Thank you Lord!!


This little family, particularly PaDjee is the most sincere and desirous of the knowledge of God than anyone that I have ever met over here in the jungle.  He has tried to keep the Sabbath as best as he can, but does not know how.  We go to them as often as possible, but Oh, how I long to live in that village and help these dear people!!

The devil is really working on PaDjee because of his new found faith.  He has been very sick 2 times:


Just before leaving for America last July he was near death with a dirty IV that somebody in the village found!  I had one night to pray for him.  The next morning he was 80% better!! Praise the Lord!




And, just three days ago he was suffering from a severe mouth infection.  Please pray for him and his family!

Sorry.  I cannot turn these pictures right side up.


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