More Visitors

Taken by the drone!

We recently had eight visitors from the Jesus for Asia team, whom we most affectionately call our ‘bosses.’  But this time they called themselves:  ‘Mission Trek 2017.’ They are traveling to all the JFA mission projects and interviewing missionaries in order to produce programs for kids on 3ABN!  This will hopefully inspire them to do God’s work!

They never had occasion to visit us before so this was a first.  As usual we had to do a lot of driving on the terrible roads.  Several of them were sick so this made it very hard on them.  I was simply amazed at the different type of cameras they had and the photography that they were able to do.  I never saw so many video supplies, cameras and ways to take pictures.  I was so amazed by it all that I forgot to take pictures myself!  The ones you will see here are simply their pictures that I took off Facebook. Hope they don’t mind!

First of all Jon Wood brought along his own motorbike, which helped because our truck was loaded.  He enjoyed the bad roads and would zoom ahead, get himself in position on a particularly bad corner, or horrible steep place and catch a video of it.  He had pictures from a go-pro camera mounted on dashboard inside viewing us, on the hood, on the bumper, and down by the wheels of our truck.  Another time he had it on his helmet, on the front of his motorbike, or held high in his hand while driving!  If anybody can realistically show you the intensity and difficulty of our roads it would be him!

What really stole the show though for the villagers and might I add for me too, was the drone.  I never knew about drones and certainly had never seen one working!  They told us that they had flown another white one at the Sharon’s village and the village people were scared thinking it was a ghost!

Cameras were aimed at BletJhaw and I constantly – we could not get by with anything!  I just pray that the pictures they made in BYT and in all the other mission projects that they visited will be blessed of God and more than fulfill the purpose of their trip inspiring young people.

Some of them were able to visit other villages with us and could see the poverty, ignorance, and the great need of spreading a simple life saving gospel.  Their prayers mingle with ours for the conversion of these dear people in the jungle and the dear children (and adults) who will later view 3ABN Kids time!

Jon spending hours on this motorbike!

Unfortunately the visit ended with us taking James to the Emergency Room. I had to turn him over to the nurses there.

BletJhaw and I finally said good-bye.  I learned he did soon recover! Praise the Lord!

Mission Trek has faced many problems this special trip.  The devil hates what they are doing so this means there will be great results for God’s kingdom!

Love and prayers to all of you!

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