Busy Days and Late Nights


See how swollen she is. This is the second skirt, (Knee) that she has given me.

Her name is Be’Loo, she is 34 years old, hurting, swollen all over, feeling sick and unbearably tired.  As I examined her in my clinic I all too well knew the symptoms of Kidney failure, but she is so young and her symptoms have continued for a very long time.  Her husband has left her, she has one little 4 year old boy that she had to give up to the orphanage in Chiang Mai.  She has no home and is living with her Sister, however her sister’s husband and teenage son are using a lot of opium and are very dangerous, angry people.

We have no other choice than to take proper care of her and get her to the bigger government hospital in MaeSot.

We had checked a 9 year old girl from that village that I wanted to bring also.  This girl, NawPaPaw, had what I gathered from asking multiple questions, a series of seizures 4 years ago, then no problem until four months ago and again just 2 days prior!  This is no ordinary seizure we’re talking about, because they last sometimes over one hour other times over 2 hours!  I was determined to get them both cared for properly.

When you go to MaeSot gov. hospital you spend all day waiting, and for me running back and forth between the 2 patients praying that I will get a chance to speak to the doctor who finally sees them.

Poor Be’Loo has kidney failure and will go to surgery the next day for peritoneal dialysis tube.  This is tragic and only because the people won’t drink water!!  Another lady in GeGhah, if you recall has had this same surgery.  Now they both have to irrigate for hours 4 times a day for life in order to stay alive.  You see here it is impossible for a kidney transplant or dialysis for these people.

It is so hard for these poor, ignorant people to do this procedure 4 times a day in a little flimsy hut. Your quality of life is basically over.  This dear Sister is crying as she cares for BeLoo.

NawPaPaw needed a CT scan and the doctor was going to send us home until the appointment time.  This doctor misunderstood the girl’s Father who told him her last seizure was 4 months ago – ‘wrong’ it was 2 days ago.  I sent up a quick prayer that she could be admitted and they could do the tests and witness a seizure and believe what I was trying to tell them.  It is so difficult when you cannot speak Thai.  In answer to prayer I saw BletJhaw in the waiting room.  Contrary to what he thinks, he can speak a lot of Thai.  He came in and I explained the problem – praise the Lord the doctor understood, made several phone calls to the chief physician and admitted her.  A seizure was witnessed and the proper seizure medicine prescribed.  However, it seems the medicine is not working because now  the seizures are coming even more frequently.

I must give Be’Loo injection twice a week now to build up her blood, then we must take her back to MaeSot for a follow-up appointment.  When you care for everybody in many villages like you would your own family members you sometimes travel and get taxed beyond imagination! However I am so thankful for BletJhaw and all his skillful driving and for the providence of the Lord who always places us where we are needed.

Once again I plead for your prayers that God will work His good through these tragedies.

For new insights on the way God works please read Counsels on Health chapter 5 – The Outlook! I have read it again and again!


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