Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure is a dreadful problem, especially here in the jungle.  BeLoo has struggled to keep alive for several months now.  She must irrigate her abdomen, (Peritoneal Dialysis) four times daily, in a small and dirty bamboo hut.  It takes almost every waking hour of the day to keep her system washed out enough to keep her alive.  Her life has turned into total helplessness and a desperate struggle to keep going.  She has had no hope for the future.  Once she had a sudden turn for the worse and went unconscious for over two hours.  Her skin itches all over all the time. It is covered with thick tough skin and red raised itch bumps.  She lives with her sister.  Both of them have lost their husbands through opium, anger and unfaithfulness.  The sister’s son is an angry person also who threatens them both and even told BeLoo he would rather see her dead.  Another lady from a different village suffered with this same condition, she could stand it no longer and committed suicide by hanging herself in the cooking area of her house just 3 months ago.  We asked BeLoo if she had been tempted to end her life.  She told us that she has thought of it, but is too scared to do it.

In all of her struggles with sickness and suffering, we introduced God to her, telling her that there is hope, there is a future of beauty, health and happiness with Jesus.  We asked if we could study the Bible with them.  For many weeks now we have been telling her the good news of Jesus and His love.

The hospital suggested that she find someone who would donate a kidney, so she could lead a normal life, but nobody was willing to do that.  Yesterday we visited BeLoo and her sister.  We explained to the sister that when you donate your kidney, that means that both of them can lead a normal life.  Now the sister seems willing to donate her kidney, and our prayers are that she has the right blood type to help her sister because there are no other willing family members or friends.

BeLoo on the right, her sister on the left.

Please pray for these two precious people, that they can understand the Bible studies, fall in love with Jesus, and that BeLoo can get a kidney transplant that will give her life back to her.



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