Angels and the Drone!

During the Evangelistic meetings we ran out of food and had to make an early morning drive to MaeLaCamp to buy fruits and vegetables.  Jonathan Hill came with us because he was eager to get more pictures and to send the drone up the catch the breathtaking views.

On the way home at the top of one mountain, he walked ahead of our truck and flew the drone over our truck.  He was backing up while doing the navigation.  He did not notice the big tree beside him until the drone flew into the top of that tree and got decidedly stuck into the leaves and branches.  It was a horrible moment for Jonathan because we had just been discussing its value and the plans he had for it.

We stopped underneath that huge tree and peered up into the tippy top branches – there it was – little light flashing!  Jonathan tried to fly it out, but it was hopelessly stuck.  We prayed.  Then BletJhaw began to climb the tree!  I was appalled!

“Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” I yelled out.

“It’s not worth your life. Stop.  Stop. I’ll buy another one. Come back right now!”

But my words were not heeded.  BletJhaw seemed determined to retrieve the prize possession.  I was beside myself because the tree was hanging over a steep cliff.  If he fell, which surely he would amidst those tiny branches so high up – it would be all over, our work, our week of evangelism, his family – everything.

Can you see BletJhaw? He still has to go farther up and out!  (Sorry, I could not rotate this picture clockwise)

I watch as he climbs almost out of sight, doing the splits to reach the next tiny branch which is swaying in the breeze.  He is very strong and flexible, but we have no idea what kind of tree this is and how strong the thin wood underneath his feet.  Finally he tries to throw a rope over that drone unsuccessfully.  He comes down far enough to let his rope down, and we tie a long forked stick to it.  Back up he goes and reaches far beyond the limit of gravity to hook that tiny branch and pull it toward him.  At this point I cannot watch.  It is certainly a gut wrenching moment when the breath cannot move freely in and out of your lungs.

“Oh dear God help.”  is all I could say.

And help was there!  The branch bent down down down and with one free hand (That I could not believe he had), BletJhaw got hold of the drone and pulled it loose.  Such an impossible feet!

Near the very top, and off to the right a little bit


Have you ever talked with your angel?  Or with someone else’s angel?  I did that day.  So thankful that angels that excel in strength held up those little tree branches and saved BletJhaw’s life!


. . . And I guess saved the drone also, although I had not been worried about that drone!

Drone unharmed

So much more meaning to the verse:  “There shall no evil befall thee…for He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.  They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.”  Psalms 91:11,12






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