Elephants Elephants!

They just don’t leave us alone over here!

Last week we were doubly warned not to travel in the early morning or evening hours, as the elephants were a big problem. The head man of our village put out a strong warning also because two of them had just destroyed two large trucks and broken down one wooden wall of a house.

We travel right through that place constantly.  In fact the very next day we had to take a lady to the hospital and go the long way around, which is very dangerous.  We passed several piles of elephant dung.  The lady was afraid, she said she could smell the elephant.  I never caught their sent, but I know we were very close to danger. Next trip out we passed 7 piles of elephant dung, but did not meet the brutish beasts!

Next we were trying to get to BlaGlow village by motorbike with medicine and lo and behold we were following 2 wild elephants and a baby.


The fresh tracks in the dust told us the story!  We could not carry on – that would be suicide.  The next day we heard that a man in that village heard loud noises in the middle of the night and went out to investigate.  I don’t know how far away from his house he went, but it was a wild elephant and it charged him.  The man fled for his life and barely made it into his house.

Recently several elephants made their hangout in and around LaGlah village.  Every evening they would walk through or around the village.  One night an older lady who lived in a small hut by herself, became nervous and decided she would go to her son’s house on the other side of the village and sleep there.  She is quite deaf and did not hear the people yelling at her because an elephant was following her!  She never knew it until they told her the next morning.

PaJew and his family heard noises outside their bamboo hut in the middle of the night.  They peered out to see a very large elephant walk around their house.  He rubbed up against the side of the house, causing terror to the people inside.  Then he walked away through their vegetable garden eating their banana trees and bananas on his way!

We really have no cause to fear because God always has protected us and He will not stop now!  Some of the villagers have noticed that we travel a lot during dangerous times, and they tell us that they know we pray and that is why we have not run into the elephants they notice that God is protecting us!

Please pray for all the village people.

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