The Truck

This letter comes with my love and with prayer that you and I will not shrink at the trials and the dangers, but pick up our cross and follow Jesus completely!  May we stand together in that day with Jesus – the One who carried us through!!!

Our truck has become a problem suddenly!  Again it doesn’t surprise me just before engaging in another powerful week of evangelism in BYT!  Everything that can go wrong will go wrong as we move forward with the Lord, but He always sees us through!  This is a time when the truck is of supreme importance as we transport visitors and supplies.

As you know, on the way out of BYT October 21, 2018, when I was on my way to the Philippines, our CV axel broke and we had to walk in the rain etc.  Well I went on to the Philippines, and BletJhaw met a mechanic out there who put a new one one.  As BletJhaw carefully drove, it broke after just 0.7 kms!  Now he had to drive out in 2 wheel drive.
When I returned from the Philippines November 5, we got that part replaced by my mechanic in MaeSot. They were perplexed because these parts are 2 cms shorter than our original factory part.  We have used the shorter size before because it has broken twice before, but they have lasted longer than this! Nobody has that original size it seems.  So because they ordered the most expensive and strongest part from Bangkok, they were sure it would work fine for us.
Sad to say right away on the bad roads, it broke.  We almost fell off the bank into the river at one point because we only had 2 wheel drive!  We spent several tense moments with the wench tied off onto flimsy trees, but finally made it all the way to our house in BYT in the dark on Friday night. At least we were there to preach and care for the sick.
 Please note the desperately injured left hand of a patient who had been touched by the hair of a very poisonous caterpillar.  It’s the worst I have seen! She only waited 2 days before going to the hospital and she already had to have one finger removed and now needs the next one removed! I believe she will eventually loose her whole hand.   Poor lady!  We prayed for her and sent her off with enough money to make the trip!
Now we needed to take the truck for repairs because this week we bring the pastor, Martin Kim, from South Korea plus we need supplies!
After the Sabbath sermon, we left with the truck and 2 wheel drive!  We simply had to get it out before it rained!  Yes RAIN!  Not fair!  Thunder and black clouds were rolling in.  We made it all the way out in 2 wheel drive, going the long way because of the rain and 2 WD.  Once again we thank God for pushing us through with the strength of the angels!  After we parked the truck in KenAJew, we borrowed an old motorbike and rode back to BYT that same day after dark!  It was a wild ride with slick tires and muddy roads.  The headlight was very weak, so BletJhaw struggled a lot to drive. The seat was extra hard and there was not much to hold onto in the back.  My body wanted to catapult off the back more than it wanted to stay put!  Finally we made it.
We had one day –  Sunday to work and prepare for visitors.  Things were in disrepair everywhere.  Weeds had grown up above my head and the house was damp and mildew.  So we worked, washed, cleaned and scrubbed.  BletJhaw used the weed eater and washed blankets!  (A big job by hand)!  We would leave on that old motor bike Monday morning early, and try to fix the truck again!!  Alas!  Thunder and lightening!  Alas!  Rain!  Lots of Rain!  It rained all afternoon and into the night! But early in the morning found us on that bike headed up the mountainside!
Alas, the back tire was leaking and flat, the mountain was muddy and slick.  I walked together with the leeches, (you have to be here to believe it), but every step got us further out!  Only God can find the right part that will last at least through these most important meetings!  So we prayed and we rode that motorbike.
When we got into phone service I called the mechanic.  Praise the Lord they had found a new part at the second hand parts shop!  It is new and is as long as the original one – 2 cms longer!  In answer to our prayers, God had prepared just what we needed.  So here we are at the shop with thankful hearts.  As soon as we are finished here we will drive again all the way into BYT.  I will report on everything that ensues after the meetings.
Please pray for our meetings, that hearts will respond to God’s call!  I long to see my people in heaven!  It is worth all the toil and hardships, trials and yes, the mud!!
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