My Aching,Breaking Heart!

Longing to help!

* She hasn’t known soap, bathing, or clean clothes

*She hasn’t known washed hair and brushed teeth

*She hasn’t known toys and happy laughter

*She hasn’t known a solid house and a firm roof

*She hasn’t known love from her Mother or Father

*She hasn’t known any good nutritious food

*She hasn’t known about Sabbath School, or any sweet Jesus songs.

*She hasn’t known anything about her loving Heavenly Father,

But she is known and loved by Him, and His tender heart breaks more than mine does to see the white dress which is now black and watch her father walk her past the people eating rice and curry, when I know she would like to eat too.   I know He has a thousand ways to reach down, touch this little girl and help her.

Sadly there are many children like this.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


This little girl is almost 4 years old.  She has two older brothers.  Her Mother left her family a couple of years ago for another man and only sees the little girl occasionally.  The Father is deeply addicted to opium which he mainlines three times a day.  Because of this he is always wondering from village to village to find a few odd jobs that will pay him enough to buy opium.  An opium addict will never touch water or take a bath, is not hungry or interested in food, and may wander around the jungle the whole night long. His first and only love is opium, while his little girl wanders around living like him with no idea of love or that there could be a better way of life.

Here she is 2 years ago when I gave her a bath in my clinic:

Her older brothers have been raised the same way.  They are in school, but the older one, 10 years old,  is always in trouble because he steals and does all sorts of bad things. The 8 year old is immoral and uses bad language. These children have a grampa who is a sorcerer and when we try to do anything to help them, he seeks to kill us and get rid of our influence.




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