Revival Part 1 of 3

Revival Meetings in BYT



“We should be in a position where we may believe that God is willing to do for us more than we can ask or think.  ST May 7, 1896

It is hard for me to believe that this is actually happening!! Pastor Martin Kim arrived at the MaeSot airport, Wednesday, November 14, 2018.  You see I met Pastor Martin at Faith Camp in America last July.  I was one of the speakers there and so was he.  After my third presentation he came to me and asked if he could come and visit in my village! He had heard about the wild elephants, cobras, bad roads and stories about the people there and wanted to see it for himself.  I was very excited to hear this because I had really enjoyed his sermons also, and felt this was providential, because ever since we had Pastor Jimmy do a wonderful series in December 2017, I had been praying for another weeklong revival series this year. Pastor Martin decided that he could come the last part of November. My heart raced with excitement and thankfulness to God!


Pastor Martin told us later that he planned to just pull down a few old sermons to use in BYT that he had preached before, however as we continued to correspond through messenger, he learned that I was going all-out calling in the media team from Chiang Mai to record all of it and also I had invited people to do special music because I wanted to really make an appeal to my people.  That was the time he told us that he fell on his knees and prayed about what to present.  He is a man of prayer and a man of faith.  God really had a plan for him in our mountain village!


The following Sunday we needed to go to the airport again to pick up Alelee, a Philippine girl who would play her guitar and sing for our meetings.  I was so happy to meet her for the first time.  I thought she was pretty courageous to come by herself all the way to BYT.  Before she arrived, Pastor Martin and I went to the market to buy food.  It was great fun going through all the venders and picking out the best vegetables and fruit.  We had a great time riding on the tricycle cart with the food piled up on it. Pastor Martin rode behind and I sat in the front. We had a good driver who pedaled us through the busy market roads to our truck.  The best thing about the food was that I did not have to cook!  DaguaMo had consented to come and do all the cooking!

Yes, let’s get this

Yes. Let’s get this

Raw peanuts! Good idea!

No. None of these!



Sweet DaguaMo did all our cooking – Delicious!

That same Sunday all the guests arrived: Harvey Steck and his wife, Brenda, would sing and Brenda brought her quality electric piano!  Hannah and Jonathan Hill would sing and work on media.  Alelee would sing, and Suwit and Noom from Chaing Mai, were our media team to run the cameras along with DJ’s daughter Sabathip, (Sa).   And so the week began.  We would start the meetings at 5:30p.m. Monday evening.


We divided into two teams and visited every house in BYT and WaSuTa Monday morning, inviting the people to the meetings and praying with them.  I sensed that God had something special in store for our people that week. My heart thrilled and my prayers doubled.


“Oh, Lord.”  I cried out.  “Please do something big this week for my people – much bigger than I could ask or think! Pour out your Spirit as never before Father please prepare them for heaven.”


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