The Dentist is Here!

I am praising the Lord for Doctor Jack Hamilton and his wife Katie!  Always giving. Always helping. Always loving.  Always teaching!  Even though their lives are desperately busy in Alaska.

This is the second time they have visited us in BYT in December.  This time they brought 2 girls with them who are finishing their nursing degree at Southern.  It was a pleasure to get to know them and introduce them to jungle medicine. They adapted so well to all the different conditions of the Thailand mountains and the Karen people.
The weather is cold!
The dear Dentist brought along machines to clean teeth and we were busy learning how to use them and also cleaning many teeth. That’s quite a challenge on some of our mountain people who never take care of their teeth!   He gave these machines to us missionaries and we are so excited and so happy to be able to help the people in this way.  Also because we had announced the coming of the dentist, many patients came with diverse problems in their mouths!  I learned so much again this year and just loved having the dentist watch over my shoulder, giving advice and instructions.  Something I dreadfully miss now that he is gone!
We had one week together, December 23-30.  On Tuesday we did a triple clinic:  Medical, Dental, Spiritual in MeDeLeGwee village.  That was Christmas day by the way.  (I really forgot it was Christmas)!!  The following Thursday we visited LaGlah village with the same triple clinic.

Christmas dinner at MeDeLeGwee village

I enjoy these people so much!

This is our worship group in MeDeLeGwee!

I love this part the best – teaching them about the lovely Jesus who can help you when you are afraid or in trouble!

Dear MeMe, BletJhaw’s sister, did the cooking along with BletJhaws wife for 13 people in all.   Many of our visitors were kept busy doing worships, Bible studies and preaching to our people.  May God bless the influence that went out this week.  I plead for the Holy  Spirit to rivet God’s truth in their hearts.
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