My Teacher and the Book!

This is an incredible story!

Last summer when visiting America, Joyce Dick invited me to give a mission report on my BYT work in the Open Circle Sabbath School in Collegedale TN.  Joyce had been my English teacher in academy and also worked in Memorial hospital years later as a journalist when I was director in that Emergency Department. These Sabbath School members had collected a large donation for us to purchase an oxygen concentrator and a new motorbike.   My heart was filled with gratitude and I invited all the SS members to attend my larger presentation at Garden Plaza that evening where my Mother lives.  To my surprise they all came!  Afterwards Joyce caught my arm and said:  “I’m going to come and visit you.  I can bring the oxygen concentrator!”
As I thought about that I was reminded of what a good writer she is.  It also came to mind that so many people through the years have told me that I should write a book because so many events and stories have built up to where we are today!
I began to pray that if it is God’s will I could mention this thought to Joyce even though it seemed impossible.  After we talked together about it, she became very excited to do it!  We both kept praying for God’s will, and told the Lord that if writing a book would help others give their all to God and reach the lost, then we wanted to do it – that’s the only reason!  It was amazing how God had put us together.  Now step by step God has opened doors for this book and pushed us through them!
So guess what?!  Just last week, Joyce, her daughter Valerie, and their friend Joyce actually came to BYT for 4 days!  They ate our food, endured the bad roads, visited 3 villages, enjoyed our Bible studies with the people and best of all loved our people of the jungle mountains.  The stage has been set and the work is in progress!  Please pray for God and only God to be glorified, and that hearts will be convicted to work unreservedly for God in reaching the lost.

Joyce in QuayCo village

Enjoying a delicious meal, cooked and served by PaJew in LaGlah village

Joyce is telling a Bible story to a little sick patient in the clinic

Valerie’s lovely flute music charms a kicking screaming one year old, who hates the nebulizer treatment. A magical moment!

A lovely oxygen concentrator purchased right here in Thailand at a cheaper price! Thank you Open Circle Sabbath School!

Saying goodbye at MaeSot airport yesterday.

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