Whatever the Cost



NawDahBlet's village - Burma

Many stories ago I wrote a biography on an older student, Naw Dah Blet. Turn back about 20 stories and read her history. Today I would like to add to that story, and let you walk with Dah Blet through the dangerous Burma jungles to bring medicine and Jesus to her very own village. Ventures such as this come at a high cost. The story of Jesus is going to an unreached village and the avenger of souls is hard at work. Dah Blet has counted the cost. School was out for a week and this made a wonderful opportunity for a quick trip. I helped Dah Blet pack her bag that she would carry with her. (I am glad that I added my camera). Medicine for Malaria, gastritis, skin problems, and many more light things to treat the sick went into the bag. She must cross the river in a boat, then take a truck as far as it would take her and then hike approximately 7 hours.


It was a strenuous day to be sure. On the way the truck got hopelessly stuck in mud past the hubs. By the time she reached her village she was exhausted, but energy soon burst upon her as she met some of the patients young and old that she had treated in December for Malaria. Some would have died if she had not been there to administer the much needed Artesunate and Doxicycline. Sadness overcame her as she heard about a mother who had died in childbirth. She treated the sick every day, but in the evenings she gathered the children around her and told Bible stories and taught them songs. Oh how they loved it! Even the Mothers and the Fathers, the Aunts and the Uncles, the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers came closer to listen. The happy scene soon ended however as news came that the dreaded Burmese solders were once again coming to attack their village. The poor frightened villagers fled to jungles to hide, hoping they were far enough away. Sadley Dah Blet packed her bag and left to hike the 7 hours back to the river. Alone through the jungle path she fled, fearful of what might be around every bend of the path. About 1/3rd of the way out she suddenly was confronted by a Burmese soldier, machine gun in hand. Life means less than nothing to these ungodly men. Surely God would not let her die now. He roughly demanded to know where she was going. Fear gripped her throat and she was unable to speak. Just as suddenly as he came, he turned and ran back into the jungle. The Karen army (KNU) had staged a surprise attack on the Burmese and war broke out immediatly behind her in all its fury. The gun shots were deafening. Dah Blet fled for her life. The thongs on her feet were ripping her skin, and the backpack sagged on her sweat soaked shirt. I saw her as she arrived at Sunshine Orchard many hours later, with bleeding feet, totally exhausted and pale. Was the price too high? Was the medicine, saved lives and the stories of Jesus worth the risk of life itself? Dah Blet thinks so! She has promised the Lord that she will bring medical help and teach the good news of Jesus to her village when she gets out of medical training – she will go forward by God’s grace.

If any of you reading this story would like to help her reach her dreams and become a nurse, she needs $4500 in order to begin nursing school in Thailand. This amount of money is impossible for us to raise here. If God is impressing you to help her today, please go to the donation page. Mark your donation for “Gayle’s Project – Dah Blet.” With a little more training Dah Blet can help many people in an area where nobody has entered with medicineĀ and the gospel.

Thank you so much!

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