Heart-Rending Beggar!


It happened while returning from a long trip on the motorbike.  The day was beautiful and my heart sang with joy at the result of our visit in DayBooSayTa village!  It was worth the long trip because we were able to help the sick and pray with them.

As we rapidly descended a steep road which passed through a small village, my ears picked up a sound.  Was someone shouting behind us?  Or was it just someone yelling at the cows, pigs, chickens or goats?  I couldn’t distinguish the sound as I bounced along on the back of the motorbike.  Suddenly I heard it again fainter and at a greater distance.  I felt impressed to swivel around on my little perch and satisfy my curiosity.
Sure enough, a man was in the middle of the small roadway, waving his arms and gesturing for us to come back.
“Turn around!”  I called to BletJhaw, “Someone is calling us.”
Back we go, but before BletJhaw even stopped the motorbike, this man had fallen down on his knees at our feet!  He lost his balance and sat down in the dirt.  One quick glance and my heart broke right in half.  This poor man was a wretched shrivel of humanity!  This poor man has had a long life of misery.  His expression was pleading and bore the lines of suffering and agony. This man needs so much help!  I am instantly loving this man and wanting to do whatever it takes to bring relief – but we are a very long way from BYT.
I think of blind Bartimaeus who sat by the way side begging.  He called to Jesus in a loud voice, “Jesus Thou son of David, have mercy on me!”  He received the help that he longed for.  His faith saved him.  Luke 18:35-43
In that moment, I cried out to God for that man, who knew nothing about the great God in heaven, and how he could call out to Him.
We all have a great work to do in this world!  The time is so short!
“All who would bring forth fruit as workers together with Christ, must first fall into the ground and die.  The life must be cast into the furrow of the world’s need.  Self-love, self-interest, must perish.   And the law of self sacrifice is the law of self-preservation.  The husbandman preserves his grain by casting it away.  So in the human life to give is to live.  The life that will be preserved is the one that is freely given in service to God and man.  Those who for Christs sake sacrifice their life in this world, will keep it unto life eternal. DA 623, 624
Yes, this world is full of people like this heart-rending beggar!  Cast your life into the furrow of this world’s great need now!!!
(Later this man was brought to our clinic and we cared for him).
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