A Day in MauGoKey Village: February 20

So happy to be exactly where God placed me, ministering to these dear and precious people every day, with BletJhaw at my side!

A lady in our village asked us to please go and help her daughter and son-in-law in MauGoKey village, who were suffering from stomach pain and other things.  By the second day we were ready to go.  I had decided to bring the entire medicine bag because there are 50-60 homes in this distant village.  It is terrible to be caught without something important because we will not be coming back very soon.  I packed way more than usual because we drove the truck and had lots of room.

BooChee, age 16 from BYT came with us and the lady.

We drove almost 2 hours – 27kms.  The road was terrible, as you might imagine!  The body gets really shaken up, but the scenery was so beautiful – the day warm and clear!

What a wonderful day, meeting new people – all so sweet and lovable from the very youngest to the oldest!

Probably because it is just a large sprawling village with so many people, and this was our first time visiting – the people seemed to come in shifts.  First a group of ladies and babies, second a group of men, third a group of families with children, then the elderly, but they kept coming – each one sweet and abundantly thankful.  What a joy to serve them.  I gave all my vitamin shots, all my PO vitamins finished up many types of antibiotics, eye drops, gastritis medicine, and of course most all the baby syrups.  But we had what we needed for everyone!

They cooked us a meal, but had nothing vegetarian.  I am always causing people trouble because they never knew a white person or a vegetarian.  Finally they found a package of  MaMa noodles.  BletJhaw told them not to put the powder in it because it was pork!  So I had rice with just noodles swimming in hot water!  I’m very used to strange meals, but very thankful for the people’s effort and any food that takes the gnawing hunger out of your stomach!!

It is now getting late.  We have been here all day.  We pack up all the medicine and head out, but here come more patients.  This happens every time we try to leave!  Pack – unpack – pack – unpack. Finally someone asks if we will do a worship!!  I will NEVER refuse that request, so we go back in for the best part of the entire day!  I tell the story of the 10 lepers, drawing the clear lessons of obedience and thankfulness to God!!  The people listened with stark, and rapt attention.

We travel back to BYT in the dark, in silence, reflecting on the  busy day, and all the patients, praying for each and every one.

May the seeds sown bear precious fruit.


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