Visiting Church Members

I know why God did not give angels this work of soul saving!  Because it brings so much joy into your heart that cannot be described by pen or words!  The heart is too full!
Sabbath, May 23, dawned bright and sunny!  What a gift from heaven, as rainy season has already begun with all its difficulties and struggles!!
Today is a special day!  Church in BYT was well attended.  I preached on the trinity, even though I am so unworthy to try to explain something that none of us will ever understand even throughout eternity!!  But God has given us what we need to know and may He bless the hearers of this word is my prayer!
After church we are inundated with patients, and have no time to eat because our friends are already waiting for us to go to MooDooKee village for a special worship with Bli and his family.
I had purchased a cheap hearing aide for Bli.  (1000 baht). People in America would would hold up their hands in disgust saying how archaic it is!  But not Bli and us!  He put on that battery powered hearing aide and a smile came over his whole face!  What a special moment to see and remember!  He can hear!
DeeMoo is with us.  He is the BYT boy who attended a 2 year seminary training in MaeSot.  He has comeback all excited and motivated to work for God in his own area!!  He can play the guitar and sing well!  His voice is loud and clear as he presents his worships etc.  God is certainly working here.
Also we have just purchased a ukulele!  BletJhaw practiced on it this week because it is different from the guitar.  Now he can play it.  We cannot bring that big guitar with us on the motorbike to the villages, but the ukulele is so small. I can easily carry it on the back of the motorbike and we can praise god with richer music!
We went up to Bli’s little church and had worship.   DeeMu did the worship talk and Bli could hear every word!  My joy was so intense, I had to work hard to stifle shouts of joy!!
On our way home we stopped at a church member’s house in GeGhah village.  More songs, prayers and Bible study.  When we arrive home, patients were waiting.  Also people in WST wanted us to come and teach them about the state of the dead!  We studied with them, their families and friends until late in the night!  When we arrived back home more patients were waiting!
We are so busy now bringing the glorious light of the gospel to many eager people!  The Holy Spirit is working on the hearts of the people in answer to our prayers of eleven years!   Time is so short we cannot slack our efforts or faint for a moment!  We have eternity to rest from our labors and enjoy the company of those we have worked for!  I must tell you that I do have the most glorious job in the world to be right where God wants me to be, doing His work, in His way, and He has promised to bring success!
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