Missionary Retreat

Just came back from a missionary retreat in Sukhothai.  A city just 3 hours 45 minutes from MaeSot. Kasey and Robert Norton have just moved to this beautiful property at the direction and miracle working power of God!  They now have eleven children counting their own 5.

After being in Thailand for only one year, they already have a beautiful property outside of the city to train their children. They have a rented building in the city used for cooking and distribution of food to the needy, a church, and English classes.  Their future plan is to have a school of their own on their property, and run a larger scale orphanage.  They are also happy to invite different support groups to hold retreats there etc. They are trusting in God from day to day to take care of their needs.  If you feel God calling you to bring your talents and join this work, just contact Jesus for Asia.org!

These are street kids from Bangkok and other places. They all have problems, but already I see the love of Jesus in them. So adorable!

Our group was very thankful for the beautiful surroundings and inspired and blessed by the speakers and group discussions Wednesday through Sunday morning.  December 23-27.

This is Sabbath so our group was a lot bigger.

My lovely tent! No mosquitos inside!

Lisa’s re-baptism in this lovely setting!

Let’s keep the fire in our hearts to surrender all and live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God!  Surely He has spoken to us this week!  Thanks to all!

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