For Eurika SDA Church March 11, 2023

Happy Sabbath friends at Eurika Seventh-Day Adventist Church!

I truly wish I could be there in person with you.  I am here in America currently, but all the way on the East side!  I will be returning to Thailand March 19!

I will now share with you what has been happening since I spoke to you last November.  My pictures can be shown along with the presentation.  I will send them in order.


Last December we were privileged to have Harvey Steck and his wife visit us in BYT.  He kindly accepted our invitation to do a week of spiritual emphasis, or shall we call it evangelism!  We went around to every house in BYT and WST (WaSuTa) village inviting people. How helpful it was to us to personally meet the people and joining into whatever projects they had going.

Red Bean Harvest

IMG_7694 It was a wonderful week of meetings with an attendance of approximately 80 people each night, more on Sabbath.  I greeted them at the door of the church, with a prayer they may see Jesus more clearly for their salvation – my heart bursting with love to God!


We had three close encounters with ultimate danger!

  1. BletJhaw was clearing the weeds from around the PVC pipe leading to our water tank above our house.He was using the machete to cut his way along, when all of a sudden, he saw a yellow banded Krait right at his feet. He could not kill it because he couldn’t tell where his head was, it seemed to be all around him. By the grace of God, he got away.  One bite from that monster, and he would be facing death.
  2. On January 26 we were both on the motorbike heading for a faraway village to treat a sick grandma.
  3. On the way a cobra came out of the jungle on the left and went right across the road in front of us. Our motorbike ran over it!  BletJhaw screamed and lifted his feet.  It’s a wonder we didn’t wreck! I too lifted my foot.  On the right side next to our flip flop feet was a big black cobra. So grateful to our Father in Heaven, who has our guardian angels all about us!
  4. Decemeber 12, we were bringing 2 children with their parents back from a hospital trip when we suddenly were confronted by a wild elephant. This time as usual the oil was running down his face, meaning he is VERY dangerous. He did not charge us but walked away from us!  Praise the Lord who has always “tranquilized” these wild beasts for us.  However, he did not get off the road.  Two more trucks were coming from the opposite direction, and he charged them!  The people in that truck ran away from their truck and climbed a tree!  It took about an hour before BletJhaw and a friend walked ahead to find out where the elephant went.  His little 2-year-old boy cried uncontrollably because he thought his father would be eaten by the wild elephant. We had phone service at the top of that mountain, so when they found the elephant way down the mountainside, he called me and told me to drive the truck quickly to come pick him up.  The elephant was just barely off the road.  I was able to get there in time, driving pel mel around those corners!  But God saved us once again with 7 people in our truck!

MeDeLaGwee Village

God has helped us to include our BYT church family in out-reach programs for their spiritual growth.  Once a month we choose a village to spend the day in.  Our people visit the houses, inviting them to receive medical help, join a worship, and eat a good meal!  BletJhaw and I treat the sick, while others cook a meal.

What great fellowship we have with the people as we minister to their needs and socialize with them!!  In one smaller village we were able to give each household a simple water filter, encouraging them to drink more water!

LaGlah Village


When God says: “Who will go for me?”  and I say, “Here am I, send me!”  Where do I find myself?  Well, I found myself in the coldest places of North America during the coldest time of year!  I came straight out of the 95-degree tropics, to zero-degree weather, piles of snow, and ice!  I haven’t entered America during the winter months for 14 years, so no amount of clothing layers could quite keep me warm! However, what warmth I received from others!  First, the love, unity, joyfulness, and friendship between us missionaries cannot be explained in words.  The Inspiration of the Holy Spirit was upon us. We prayed together, got exhausted together, laughed together, preached together, and were drawn closer to one another and to Jesus. Our messages just got stronger and stronger with the trumpet making that loud and certain sound!  Such a spirit of power and joy is contagious, and to our delight we found the churches waking up to their great need of surrendering all to Jesus, listening to His voice and finding out what He wants them to do in reaching the lost during earths final hours.  I pray that the sparks that were kindled in their hearts will not die out but ignite into full flame for the Master till He comes!

We engaged in 4 faithcamps.  Minnesota, Alaska, (None of us had ever gone there before.  We loved it so much!), Texas, and North Carolina.  Each location is unforgettable!  What bonding with the people!  Only in eternity will we know the results of our labor.

Simply amazing to experience Alaska in February!

Our faithcamp team realized an exciting new dimension in El Paso TX.  Jon and Natalie posted the meetings on Facebook.  This resulted in reaching some people in the neighborhood! We are inspired to widen our circle of influence to the communities.

Time is running out.  There is a great urgency to our message.  Oh, let us pray and work with all our might wherever the Lord sends us.

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