The Devil’s Counter-Attack!

That old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, cannot tolerate the miracles and Divine interventions taking place in our villages.  He attacks with all vengeance.

“Help me O Lord my God, O save me according to Thy mercy.”  
Psalm 109:26

It is my first week back in BYT with BletJhaw’s family.  First of all BletJhaw’s 2 boys get sick.  They have lung congestion, fever and sickness so often.  But now I had brought quite a lot of expensive SunRider products for them, and Juice-plus from America!  I thought that this was the answer – no more sickness!  But I was totally wrong.  Brayden, the younger one (Almost 4 years old), only grew worse every day.  I was so disappointed.  Nothing I did brought relief.
To make matters even worse, BletJhaw’s wife had severe flare-ups of her rheumatoid arthritis. She spent the nights crying.  I had brought Juice plus for her also to build her up after her near death experience with Dengue fever.  Also I had purchased the correct medicine for her from the MaeSot pharmacy, but that did not bring relief either.  We needed to take her out, but the rain persisted and don’t lets forget that our truck is still at the bottom of the hill – the 4 wheel drive is broken.
I cried out to the Lord for help.  How come the people in the villages are all being healed, but not the ones right here in our own household! They are only getting worse!  God’s ways are much higher than ours – we will trust in Him.  I feel His companionship and strength, closer and tighter each day!
Sabbath came and what a privilege for me to get up and preach again in BYT church!  As I got up and looked into the faces of a full congregation, I was overcome with emotion and had the sudden urge to cry for joy, but that must be suppressed because these people do not show emotion and would not understand my tears.  My sermon title:  “Hearing God’s voice.”
Now it is Sunday and It had not rained for 2 days.  The village folk all worked together to fix the worst places of the road.  BletJhaw had worked with them all day, then he drove the motorbike the long way all around the big loop, checking to see if there was any way our truck could make it out that way.  (No use even thinking about taking the short-cut which is much too steep).  He found many bad places, but worst of all, a huge tree had fallen down low over the road.  Our truck is high – would it be able to pass under?
We decided that with God’s help we would  try it – thus began a huge adventure for us!
The 4 wheel drive was broken, so all this had to be done in 2 wheel drive.  (Impossible on our own, but perfectly possible with God)! BletJhaw labored at the wheel for 5 hours.  We got stuck plenty of times and used the winch 3 times. I wish you could have seen those roads.  I was sitting in the front holding onto Brayden to keep him from cracking his head on the door and dash board the entire time. We were knocked about in that truck like we were in a giant blender!
One time the downhill rut was so deep and our truck was at such an angle that our back wheel came right up off the ground, making us feel like we would flip over!  Praise the Lord there was a tree to tie off on.
After 3 excruciating hours we came to the big fallen tree!  Wow, it was very low.  Would our truck be able to pass under it?  If not we would have to do the unthinkable – turn around and attempt to drive all the way back to BYT!
I got out to watch that truck move under the tree.  “STOP!”  Oh it is going to hit!  So close!  BletJhaw got out to see.  He inched forward, oh so slowly! There was only a hair’s bredth between the truck and tree!
“Praise the Lord we made it!” we all shouted, but then we got stuck again trying to pull through the other side in the mounds of mud. But every time there was a tree in the right place to tie the winch on.
“The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart trusted in Him and I am helped.  Therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth, and with my song will I praise Him.”  Psalm 28:7
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