Thirty Six Hours in BYT Looks Like This

May “God in all things be glorified!”  1Peter 4:11

Sabbath, October 19, after church we drove the motorbike to Bli’s house in MooDooKee village.  It is a long way to drive with mud and giant mountains to go over.  Worship with him and other villagers was extremely inspirational.  I spoke about faith and touching the hem of His garment.   Bli is a prime example of being led by the Spirit and accepting the truth by the Bible alone!  No human being can take any credit for his conversion!!  His two daughters are right with him, excited and eager to be baptized!  His wife even is slowly being drawn in by the Holy Spirit!

That night we visit a BYT young man bitten the day before by a green pit viper.  His leg was extremely swollen.  We knew he needed to receive in-hospital care for at least 3 days.  We have now taken 10 snakebite victims to the hospital recently – so we know!  He did not want to go to the hospital, but BletJhaw persuaded him to go.  It was late when we left BYT, but when we arrived at the hospital nobody came to help with a wheelchair; I went and got one myself.  The emergency room was not busy.  They drew his blood, but no nurse or doctor ever laid eyes on him or spoke to him.  Nurses were viewing their iPhones.   We all sat waiting for over2 hours.

He was in great pain and had to just sit in the wheelchair.  Finally the patient said he wanted to go home.  I thought we could persuade him to go to the next hospital in MaeRaMat, or even MaeSot, but he would not go.  We finally had to drive all the way back to BYT with a promise to take him to Omkoi in the other direction the next day.  It was near midnight p.m. and we were all extremely tired.  The next day someone else took him to MeDooGlow clinic.  They told him to go to Omkoi, but he did not want to go, so he went back home, now he is dealing with a huge build-up of poison in his body.

Early the next morning we went to do worship in DJ’s house next door.  His son, SawWah has enlisted himself in the army as a volunteer and will go for blood tests the next day.  He feels that if he volunteers, he only has to serve one year, but if they call him it would be 2 years, (Even though only 10% of eligible young men get chosen).  In the worship I spoke about God’s army and the importance to enlist in His army, to decide now to stay true to God, keeping His Sabbath-Day holy.  He must obey his superiors, but not if it goes against God’s commands. We must fight against the devil, because we are soldiers of the cross.   I pray this will make a difference for SawWah because I have seen him grow in the Lord.  He has been attending ChiangMai Adventist Academy and just last Sabbath he did a talk in SS about the importance of the Sabbath!! He needs our prayers.


We treated an old man, Po Son, who did not really reside in any village.  He wanders around.  BletJhaw had a very meaningful conversation with him in the clinic that morning about God.  My heart went out to him in his ignorance and superstitions and homelessness!

After treating more patients we took the motorbike to MeDeLeeGwee village, mingled with the people, treated the sick, ate their food and prayed for them.

Sweet People in MeDeLeGwee

It was a full big day, and when we finally arrived back home we treated many patients, extracting teeth, and extracting a purple pencil lead out of a 5 year old’s left ear! What a challenge that was! We then looked forward to an early night’s rest, but that was not to be!  Just when a peaceful sleep took over the body, a loud voice came at the door.  A young man from WST said that his sister just had a baby and something is terribly wrong with the baby – it does not have a belly button!  Well – I never heard of that before!  It could mean anything from shocking, to normal, so we took off on the motorbike in the middle of the night, yawning all the way.

Upon entering the house and asking what the problem was with the baby, we got the answer that the baby is fine.  It was born one hour before.  I gave the mother and baby a physical exam and gave the usual advice that it’s OK for the Mother to lie down, and do not put heat to the stomach, and nurse the baby right away!  But they never listen to that advice.  No medication was needed.

“If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God.  If any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth – that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever!”  1Peter4:11

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