Rich Rewards!

Here in the jungle we are isolated in our houses.  Our roads are blocked.  Our clinic is silent.  Our church door is shut. Our fields are burning.  The air is filled with smoke.  The ground is parched and the intense heat of the mid-day sun is suffocating as it mixes with smoke and thick dust stirred up from our feet or motorbike.  The hand-washed clothes hung on the bamboo dries in 20 minutes, as opposed to rainy season when it NEVER dries.

Isolated in our houses

Freshly burned rice fields everywhere

Dusty travelers

We are in a difficult position because the people still depend on us when they are sick.  How can we turn them away.  We just made a house call to a very sick young man almost in a febrile seizure.  We cannot take anyone to the hospital right now.  Some of our patients cough and have fevers.  Our full weight is upon the dear Saviour, who hears our cry and heals the sick!

Just last week a young man, PePoo, 25 years old, dropped a post on his foot leaving it quite dirty, swollen and mangled.  I cleaned and trimmed as best I could and sutured it together with 8 sutures.  We walk to his house every day to clean it. At first it looked like one end was getting infected even though I had given him antibiotics, but I found out that he was walking every day down the steep mountainside in all that dust!   BletJhaw and I prayed with him and his family as we cleaned and dressed his foot.  This man is an opium addict and does not treat his wife nicely.  Now I have a chance to plead with God for him physically and spiritually!  Just yesterday his foot was less swollen and appeared to be healing nicely.  How can we ever thank God enough for His miraculous power in our behalf.  Please pray for PePoo!

Not looking too good!

So much better just in one day!

Beautiful family!

Through these most difficult times when the outlook is bleak and our work seems to be at a stand-still and we wonder how God wants to use us to save souls when we have to be so isolated in our houses – the light breaks through!  I want to jump up and down and shout and scream:  “All glory to God!”  All the oppressions of the enemy, the difficulty of our surroundings and the impossibility of our situation is forgotten and we are delighted to bear even more burdens for the Lord!  And here is the reason:

A couple from the Baptist church in WST, came to visit us last Sabbath. They had chosen not to work on that day because they feel they should obey the Bible and keep the Seventh day!  They asked if they could come over in the evening and learn about the Seventh-Day Sabbath and also they want to know what things they should and shouldn’t eat.  So that night I was able by the grace of God to give a wonderful Bible Study on why we keep the Bible Sabbath.  This next Sabbath they want us to have a worship in their home and in the evening give them another Bible study!  The beauty of it all is that nobody can take the credit.  It is solely the working of the Holy Spirit upon the heart!  This couple have attended some of our Bible Studies we used to have in WST every Monday night, and they also have attended a few of our church services.  Please pray for this couple!!

If you want to taste real unadulterated joy, just experience a true conversion of the soul to the truth as it is in Jesus!  This will carry you through the dark burdensome days and lift you closer and closer to the glories of heaven!

Oh lift up your heads dear people because Jesus is on His way.  All of heaven is longing to help us win precious souls for heaven before our way gets blocked entirely.  Oh that everyone could experience this joy!!

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