Exceedingly High Sabbath

May 9, 2020

Bli is 74 years old.  Here he is with his Bible!

Sabbath morning dawned clear and bright.  The rain we had experienced a couple of days ago had significantly cleared the smoke away that had overwhelmed us for the past 3 months.  It also took care of the thick layer of dust that always penetrats every pore of your body!

Before rainy season begins, we wanted to have a special dedication service of the little church in MooDooKee village that Bli built. He has put so much work into it and he and his family have become solid SDA Christians!  We wanted to make this event memorable, with a visiting ordained pastor and great attendance.  But an ordained pastor here in these parts is hard to come by, because we are so difficult to get to.

So cute! Bli has been a builder all his life.

God answered our prayers!  Just last Thursday, May 7, I was able to get in contact with Pastor Phamore.  I thought he would be too busy to come way out here to this remote village, especially as there was only 2 more Sabbaths before rainy season, but to my astonishment he asked where I was and could I meet him the very next day.  He would come!  He would bring 4 of his students with him.

Four trucks followed each other to MooDooKee village that Sabbath from BYT and WST.  The little church was packed with people.  They crowded the porch, underneath the church, and all around the shady places of the nearby trees.   I doubt anybody outside could hear everything that took place, but the service was incredible.  Bli, (Even though he is quite deaf.  I’m trying to get him some hearing aides), sat there smiling the entire time, with his family around him.  Even some Baptist church members from this village were there.

Walking up up up to the church

Pastor Phamore

So many people all over the place, and no chance to count them all!

Afterwards that dear family fed us all! They brought bowls of food to each person outside, and inside the small house.  They had cooked tons food and everybody ate to capacity with food left over.  (We later paid them for all that food that they had purchased)

The blessings of this day were not over yet.   Read on:

A seven-year-old child, BaJaw, came into my clinic that afternoon almost in anaphylactic shock!  I was instantly alarmed because a hornet had stung his left ear and almost immediately he had broken out in hives, suffered chest pain, shortness of breath, and had swelling around the eyes!  I needed to act quickly.  This was an emergency!  I quickly administered two shots, Adrenalin and CPM, praying that they would bring immediate relief.  At that same time someone came asking us to check a WST girl, SueDah, two weeks post partum with chronic fever and severe pain in her right hip and leg.   She had been screaming and crying out in pain for two days.

About this time also BeeHtu from WST told us that he and his family wanted to join our church and keep the Seventh Day holy.  Could we come and have worship in their home that evening!  I am thrilled beyond description.  This is the man who, five years before, had attended many of our Bible studies in WST, and many church services here in BYT.  However he had suddenly stopped coming because his family were all against it.  I had been heart broken because this man had shown great interest and had earnestly listened to every word!  Now 5 years later he is coming back and his family with him!! This is the third family wanting to leave the Baptist church, and follow their convictions to keep the seventh day holy!!  Pastor Phamore was able to do that worship.  Many people attended, and I sensed that several more were looking for the truth!  The Spirit of God is moving hearts here in these jungle mountains.  Surely we are at the very threshold of eternity!

Pastor Phamore with BeeHtu

After this worship BletJhaw and I went to check on BaJaw.   I know I will be able to sleep well tonight, because to my great relief that little boy was much better!  He is going to live!  The swelling had gone down in his face, his skin was smooth and his breathing was not labored!  So many times God brings drastic healing to these dear jungle people!  My heart is filled to overflowing with gratitude!

BaJaw, after the medication worked!

SueDa was very puzzling!  They told us that she had  surgery at MeDooGlow, (MDG), which we asked if it was a C-Section.  They said yes.  But MDG does not do surgery. It is just a clinic. Then they told us that it was done without anesthesia and that she was screaming in pain.  We thought how could any facility in the 21st century do a big surgery like that without anesthesia.  I was trying to figure out why her hip and leg were so painful.  She had not been able to move much and always stayed in this one position.  She had a fever this whole month and at this visit it was 101 degrees.  After asking multiple questions and examining the patient we found out that she had a regular delivery.  Not a C-Section.  There are always so many misunderstandings here, which require a lot of research, questioning, and investigation.  We will take this girl to the hospital tomorrow if she allows us.  Right now she is refusing to go.

So life goes on in this isolated area of the world.  The time rushes on bringing us nearer and nearer the end of all things and trouble as we have never seen or imagined.  We have a precious little time to reach the lost.  Let’s rejoice in the hardships along the way.

“Let every word we utter and every line we write be fraught with encouragement and unwavering faith! “ MLT 174

 “How much more precious is heaven to those who have been faithful in the work of saving souls.”  5Testimonies 621.1

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