Double Miracle

It has been raining since April here in the jungle mountains, not constant rain, but enough to make life difficult.  Now it is full-fledged rainy season and it is time for us  to abandon the truck and be relegated to the motorbike only.  Hopefully we have adequately stocked up on medical supplies and enough food to last through October, as we cannot carry much on that motorbike!  The weather reports say that the rainy season will last a lot longer than usual!

Rainy season is a complete disaster for travel out here and BletJhaw and I are both starting out with bad backs!  His is chronic, mine acute. I cannot ever remember having any back pain before, but 2 weeks ago pain hit my lower back and I cannot continue my routine exercise, which has been the cause of my energy, strength and health my entire life.  We both need God’s healing touch!
However in spite of our pain we had to take the motorbike to a worship in LaGlah last week, and then we needed to go all the way out of the mountains to help a friend.  On the way back to BYT we had to drive that motorbike through the driving wind and rain.  It was hard to hold the motorbike steady in that wind and hard to be able to open our eyes and be able to see our way.  Sitting there in my position on the back of that motorbike, I prayed this prayer most earnestly:
“Oh Father in heaven, You who calmed the angry sea, You who hold all things in your hands, and under Your control including us, please give us a dry pathway on the shortcut especially those 5 dreadfully steep places – if it be Your will. It really doesn’t look like that’s possible now dear Father, but with You all things are possible.”
I kept praying that prayer as the rain beat against our faces, soaked our clothing, and chilled us to the bone.  Finally we left the concrete section and began the muddy descent on the bad road.  To my complete astonishment and joy the rain stopped, the road was wet, but the further we went the dryer it got, until we reached the meanest, steepest places, which are very difficult even in dry season!  But right there the road was entirely dry!  We did not slip,slide, or wreck, but safely reached our front porch.  No sooner did we enter the house than the downpour began!  Oh all praise and glory to God!
“Sing unto Him.  Sing psalms unto Him. Talk of all His wonderful works!”  Psalm105:2
Now we had to come out of BYT again because I have been asked to do a short, live, video presentation of our work at FaithCamp East tomorrow morning. I left BletJhaw with his family and drove to MaeSot, where I would (hopefully), have decent internet for this program.  Once I arrived I received a desperate phone-call from BletJhaw.  He had left his cell phone on the front bumper of our truck!  Was it still there?  Now I have been driving on a bumpy dirt road in Khane Chue and then 50 minutes on the highway traveling at 60-80 km!  Maybe even 90 km!  This was a very nice iphone.  I quickly ran to the front of the truck, and there sweetly camouflaged against the bumper bar and the back of the bumper was that black cell phone!
I just read this wonderful statement:
“In our behalf He sets in operation the all-powerful agencies of heaven.  At every step we touch His living power.”  Acts of the Apostles 478.2
I’m so in love with Jesus!
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