For the Love of Children

Super Sweet!

I have never EVER in my entire 34 years of nursing practice, seen a 3 year old child this brave and this good.  It’s the headman’s son, SoSee.  His mother carried him to our porch last week, blood dripping from his right foot.  She didn’t really know how it got cut.  She hadn’t seen it happen.  But really, how could she?  Because this little boy is the wildest, fastest, most unmanageable child in the entire village.  Everyone knows that he is here, there, and everywhere at one speed – fast!
But he is adorably cute – a bag of mischief. Yet you can’t help but love him.  Now he is my problem, and in my mind I’m thinking – “Oh boy, we’re in for a big fight.”
BletJhaw gets the soap and begins to wash the blood and leaves from his leg and foot.  People here crush up a certain weed and stuff it into the cut because it stops the bleeding.  Then as I am preparing the suture materials they lay him on the mat.    Lidocaine, the numbing medicine really does burn, so I ask the mother and BletJhaw to really hold him tight because I don’t want my needle to break off in his foot, or have it stick him in the wrong place on his foot or in my finger.  But I am surprisingly mistaken. That boy did not budge his foot.  He cried, but he held that foot on the cloth perfectly still.  Later as I sutured, he went fast asleep!  You can’t help but love him.  You can’t help but praise the Lord for a bad situation that turned into something so good!
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