Seek Ye First

Today has been a day of decisions!  We have been out of BYT for over a week now.  I had to do a live video presentation for FaithCamp East which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Today is Friday and we have planned to return today.  Because I will preach in BYT tomorrow and we are bringing extra food to feed a little family which we will bring into our home to help them quit their long term addiction to opium.

It is the last trip with the truck, which we shouldn’t try, but we didn’t bring the motorbike out.  It is raining constantly and the roads are in a frightful condition.
Yesterday I had a big struggle in my heart!  My oldest son, Bradley and his wife, Shelby, had to go to the Emergency Room.  She is in her last term of pregnancy with her first child – very close to her due date, but she got preeclampsia with a blood pressure of 199/121. If you are medically inclined you know this could be dangerous to the mother and the baby.  Bradley told me it could be up to 3 days before that baby is born.  Now I want with all my heart to stay where I am with phone service so I can communicate with my son at this most pivotal moment!  There is no service of any kind in BYT. But I went to God in prayer.  Matthew 10:37 is burning in my head:
“He that loveth … son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me!”
This has been my most brutal, heart-rending test all along the way since my last 11 missionary years – leaving family to work for God, but God always blesses them and me! I know my given work is to go to BYT to preach and work with this little family to help them detox and lead them to Christ. My mind is set, I will put God first.
This is a very small sacrifice to make when Jesuis gave His all!
Not long after this decision my heart is filled with peace. I will “Go Forward.”  God has given me work to do.  It was then that I noticed the sky clearing.  Sun began to shine, and in a short time the entire sky was blue!  We have not seen sun or blue sky here for weeks, only total heavy rain and low clouds obstructing all view.  What vivid confirmation from the God of heaven that I am in the center of His will! This will make it easier to travel those roads and oh so cheerful!  Just think when Noah and family exited thier ark, God’s message of love and care for them was in the sky!
It is Friday noon now, and I wrote this out to ask you to please help me pray for Bradley, Shelby and the unborn baby girl,(Twyla Ann)!  You know the heart of a mother for her children, especially when you’re half-way around the world!
But the windows of heaven just opened and God poured me out a blessing without room enough to receive it!  Praise the Lord I heard from Bradley!  The baby has just been born!  Shelby did very well.  They are thrilled beyond words and so am I.  Twyla Ann, 5lbs 2oz and 18 inches long!
Seek ye FIRST always!
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