Reviewing God’s Leading

My feet have touched American soil for the first time in 3 years.  I will be joining the Jesus for Asia team as they put on Faith Camp meetings across America.  In the past they only had two Faith Camp programs per year, but this year we are going all out for God and doing nine!  We feel a great urgency, as this world is spinning out of control, and it seems to be our last chance to reach and motivate our churches.

Last year the Lord forbade me to go to America, and I surely see a few reasons now why God held me back.  God knows more reasons than this, I’m sure!

  1.  I learned an important lesson last rainy season while being locked down for 2 weeks in a house with 10 people during the rainy season.  What a difficult time for us all with food and water in scarce supply, and for me – language barriers and total loneliness, plus I discovered a plague spot in my character – I cannot handle being dormant!  I learned to give that to my wonderful Saviour who said to me: “Whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content!”  Philippians 4:11

After this horrible experience of lockdown, we also were locked out of BYT because a huge breakout of covid swept through our villages there.  However, to my delight, we were called by the government and by the villagers to please come back and help the sick people.  So we entered BYT and flew into action.  Our clinic became a massive covid clinic!  The people soon recovered.  These children really missed me.  They dressed all up in their best clothes and put together the prettiest flowers they could find.  They showered me with hugs and kisses!  I shall never forget it!

The warmest greeting ever imaginable!

  1. We had a wonderful opportunity to spread the gospel to a far away village, GweeWaWaKee.  We were asked to have a worship and do a house dedication for their new house. Six young men and I walked 2 hours up a mountain in the pouring rain with leeches all over our feet and legs!

House that was dedicated that day

But it was so well worth it.  I felt the Holy Spirit as we presented Jesus and His tender watchcare over them.  He offers more than a dedicated new home here on earth, because He has prepared a marvelous home for them in heaven and everlasting life there!  We took longer walking back to BYT because of the downpour of rain!  However, my heart was singing the entire time, as I prayed for the people we had met that day!

3. We also found a poor 42-year-old man, GwaDee, who had not been able to walk or even move for 6 entire months!  He experienced intense lumbar pain.  We were able to begin vital medical care for this man, taking him to different hospitals which involved 5 full days of travel and waiting for MRI’s etc.  As time went by, we were able to pray with them and teach him and his wife of Jesus, how to pray, and the strength He can give them to overcome opium, smoking, and betel nut.  We have seen God gradually healing him without surgery which is a complete miracle!

Unable to move for 6 months, now walking and working

4.  We also experienced many instances of dangerous, evil spiritpossessed people, needing us desperately during this time!

In a room with him for over an hour in the dead of night. He had a knife in the back of his pants and mad horse medicine. Out of control.

He had a really messed up Thai Bible. There was hint right there of the Holy Spirits pull on his heart

5.  We were able to save the life of this dear old lady!

Attached is the schedule where our group of missionaries will present.  We pray for the power  of the Holy Spirit to attend our words!  Will you join your prayers with ours?  I am so excited to be with this team, and to have a chance to meet you!  Hopefully you can find a location that is near you.

Faith Camp Schedule:  

June 22-26  Fletcher Academy,  Fletcher, NC

June 28   Springfield SDA Church,  Springfield, MO

June 29  Hurley SDA Church,  Hurley SD

July 1,2  Hermosa SDA Church, Hermosa, SD

July 5-10  Hayden Lake Church, Hayden Lake, ID

(July 11-19, I personally will be going to New York State and will preach at Kingsberry SDA church, Sabbath July 16).

July 20-24 Cedar Lake SDA Church, Edmore, MI

July 27-31  South Bay SDA Church, Chattanooga, TN

August 12-13 Venice Nokomis SDA Church, Venice, FL

August 19-20 Fresno Asian & Community SDA Church, Fresno, CA

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