“For He that is Mighty hath done to me great things; and Holy is His name!!” Luke 1:49

God has done all things good for me!  I can see many reasons why He sent me to America this year, (God knows more)! It has certainly been full and productive.  It has been 3 years since my feet have touched American soil.

I came this summer at the end of May to preach in the Eurika, MT church. They have supported me all along the way.  I love those people dearly!  By June 9, I joined with the Jesus for Asia team to travel America with Jon and Natalie Wood, founders of JFA, and coordinators of this huge, God ordained project they had arranged! Instead of the usual 2 Faithcamp programs per year, we had 10 this year starting in North Carolina and going all the way to Hayden Lake, ID, and back again to Michigan, Florida, and ending in California.  We traveled over 10,000 miles, not counting California!

I had the privilege of riding with Jon, Natalie, and Israel Prasad from India.  The van we drove was old. Jon actually didn’t think it would make it all the way – but praise the Lord, it did!  Jon amazingly trusted me to be the relief driver because, well, there was nobody else to do it!  Natalie had an injured foot and ankle.  So here I am driving at speeds of 70 mph on the right side of the road! In Thailand we drive on the left and shift with the left hand.  The lights are on the right side of the steering wheel, and the windshield wipers on the left.  So here in America at first when off the freeway and driving around I’d always tell myself: “Stay right – lights left.” Through South Dakota the speed limit on the freeway was 80!!  I finally got it up to 75 because of Jon’s coaxing!  We did meet with driving rain and even hailstones at one point but after a quick prayer to heaven the hailstones stopped!  Praise the Lord for all those miles in all sorts of weather. God kept all of us safe!

Several of us missionaries were able to leave their fields of service and preach their miracle stories, inspiring people to surrender everything and work for God!  We were all truly blessed!  I particularly loved getting to know the other missionaries.  We all work in our separate areas of Asia, and rarely meet.  Now we travelled so far together, prayed together, listened to each other, got exhausted together and helped each other through the hard times. Those two and a half months of Faithcamps were very busy.  So many people!  So many conversations! So many hugs! So much love and support, So little sleep! … but people I love and will never forget! All in all I have presented and preached 30 different times in America this summer by God’s grace alone.

You can watch all the Faithcamp presentations on:  Faithcamp

These are the comments I personally heard from people across the country:

“I’m not doing enough for God!”

“My faith is very weak”

“I have not surrendered all to Jesus.”

“I thought I was doing enough for God all along”

“What is the first step out of Laodicea?”

“I want to be a missionary like you!”

Oh how I love them all!  I pray for God to bless and lead each one to do His work in His way in their lives, be ready for Jesus to come, and bring others with them!

I was also blessed by attending ASI in Orlando before my last Faithcamp in Venice Florida.  (I did not go to California). ASI was a huge blessing with throngs of people to meet.  So many people want to come to BYT! I feel a great fire is being ignited.  So many people want to do their part and know God’s will for their lives in this last hour of earth’s history.

The eighth Faithcamp that I participated in, was in Venice Florida. Both my sons, Bradley and Micah, live in this area. So I have been able to spend a little over a month with them!  Bradley and his wife, Shelby have a one-year-old girl, Twyla Ann, (which I got to be with for the first time ever)!

Bradley, Shelby, and Twyla Ann

I am putting all these pictures in because they are so dear to my heart!

 Also Micah and his wife, Marinna, just had their first baby while I was with them, Greyson Cole, born August 30 weighing in at 9 pounds 6 ounces.  God is so good to allow me to be here at this special time. I also got to spend time with my beloved sister! My heart is overwhelmed with joy and love for God and my family!!

Micah, Marinna, and Greyson Cole!

This baby was 9lbs 6 oz. Marinna was such a hero!

A blessed rest and meditation alone on the beach!

May I hold on to the peace and fellowship of God in that hour!

My flight back to Thailand will be October 3.  I am absolutely torn to leave my loved ones, and absolutely thrilled to finally return to BletJhaw and our work in the jungle.   I am always leaving someone and greeting others.  Always happy to meet and so sad to say good-bye.  This world is not our home and what a blessing not to feel at home anywhere here below, but  until we get to our heavenly home, home is wherever God sends us.  And when His arms are around us and His smile is upon us, we are right at home!!

God loves us with an everlasting love the Bible says, and underneath are the everlasting arms!!

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