Birthday Memories

My lovely family gave me a very special Birthday this year!

Sure do love this family

We drove 4 1/2 hours over a mountain to get to Umphang – a beautiful little town where we slept the night.  In the morning, April 21, we drove to this beautiful waterfall called TeeLorSu.  The water is low this time of year.  They say it is the best in January, but to me this is better!  The hot weather makes swimming more delightful and because it is not tourist season, there are not crowds of people!

I have not been swimming for a very long time. Because the weather is so hot now, (100degrees), it was wonderful to swim around the waterfall!

Beautiful place! We walk 2 km to the waterfall.

This is how many curves you drive around to get over the mountain to our destination: Umphang

Two children were car sick on the way back home. Not fun for them.


Thank you for taking us. I had a wonderful birthday with all of you.

I really praise the Lord for all His mercies towards me.  He has now given me another year to serve Him.  May I draw closer this year and not let go of His hand.  Lord give me Your power to save souls!

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God’s Providences

I had a lot of problems with my communication systems lately that I could not figure out.
1.  My phone would not accept any passwords therefore I could not update it.  Consequently after a period of time it closed down my messenger, facebook, and emails.
2.  My computer was overloaded and therefore did not allow me to receive or send emails, even after I deleted oodles of my pictures and videos.
3.  My wonderful international phone package that I had used for several years to call America suddenly shut down and I was unable to call my family.
I know God permits these things for our own character because of the famous quote in MR 926 36.2
“We can never perfect a round, full Christian experience until every earthly support is removed, and the soul centers its entire affections about God.”
On March 31, we had a 2-fold purpose to drive to ChainMai:  I could receive help from the professionals, (Jonathan and Hannah Hill, Daniel Bair and Harvey Steck) for my phone and computer, and also help Daniel Bair and his family in their move across town. It was a lovely time of missionary reunion plus receiving and giving help.  Early Tuesday morning we made the long drive back to BYT.
Upon our arrival patients began streaming in.  BletJhaw told me in the midst of all this that he felt he should bring his aunt some medication because he heard that she could not sleep due to pain in her leg.  It would also give him an opportunity to put new brakes on that motorbike and change the oil in Meta. My first reaction was concern for him, because he had driven that truck for 3 days, working hard in between.  However he left on the motorbike around 4:30p.m.stating he would return the next day.
Because it would soon get dark, he drove quickly.  Once on the cement road he made even better time.  Especially with only one person on that bike he could take the corners quicker.  SUDDENLY around a steep bend in the road he was face to face with a huge elephant.  He screeched on the brakes and came to a stop just 30 feet away – his heart pounding.  This elephant had his two front feet chained together and was dragging a long chain, which told him it most likely was a tame elephant, but the chains implied that it was dangerous none-the-less. I sure would like to have seen how quickly he swung that bike around and headed in the opposite direction.  The elephant came towards him, but did not charge.  BletJhaw waited a while wondering if he should return to BYT, but just then he heard a truck coming from the other direction.
You will never guess who the driver of that truck was:  – He was the owner of that elephant!  What are the chances of that?  The owner was not out to find his elephant either, but was just returning with supplies to sell in his little shop.  He got that beast off the road and BletJhaw was able to continue on his way.  God’s plans – His timing is perfect!
BletJhaw continued his journey, but shortly after that the motorbike got a flat tire.  He had at least 20 kms left to travel.  It was slow going after that.  It was well after dark when he finally arrived at the main road.  Now all his plans changed.  He called a man who used to be his neighbor in MaeLaGlow.  This man picked him up and kept him for the night, taking him back to his bike in the morning.
Two extraordinarily providential things happened to BletJhaw while he was there. He owns a parcel of land in MaeLaGlow where he plans to build a house, but the plot of ground next to it had just the other day been promised to someone else.  Half the down payment had already been made.  The neighbor told him that this man would not be a good neighbor because he drinks a lot and has friends that are real loud and obnoxious.  Now BletJhaw had a chance to talk to the owner, just in time.  He agreed to deny that man and sell it to him instead.
The next extraordinarily providential thing is that Jerry, BletJhaw’s brother-in-law, was just coming home on school break.  He was able to stop in Meta and meet BletJhaw, so that he could carry the medication to his aunt.
Finally BletJhaw returned to BYT.  Mission accomplished!   (Psalm 121:8 one of my favorites)!
“Oh give thanks unto the Lord for He is good, for His mercy endureth forever.”
Psalm 136
PS.  (We heard later that on the very self-same day that BletJhaw returned on his motorbike, another young man met that same elephant on the same road and got charged.  He ran away as fast as his legs would carry him and barely escaped.  But the elephant stomped on his motorbike and totally flattened and ruined it).
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‘Light’ Miracle

Every year we must get another registration sticker for our motorbike, and every 5 years we must bring it to the transportation office in MaeSot for inspection.  This year the time was up for inspection, so BletJhaw drove the motorbike two hours from Khane Chue to MaeSot.  He went into the Transportation Office to purchase the registration sticker and then proceeded to the inspection building.  He was thankful that only one car was ahead of him, because he needed to get back to pick up his boys from school.

They are very thorough at this office.  The motor is tested by a machine, the brakes are put under rigorous testing, the exhaust fumes are calibrated and the wheels and tires are inspected.  It is driven, stopped, and revved up.  Next the lights – signal light, brake light….”OH NO!”  BletJhaw remembered that the high beams did not work!  They had not worked for a very long time.  We have a hard time seeing at night, but then again seldom do we need to drive it at night, hence, they have not been fixed.  He sent up a quick prayer to God to somehow help him because he would receive a fine, and then have to go get the necessary repairs and return for inspection again.  He really didn’t have time for that because he needed to pick up his boys from school.

The low beam light was shone into a machine which registered satisfactory.  Then to his complete astonishment, the high beam light came on and shone brightly into the machine!  This motorbike had successfully passed inspection!

With an amazed and grateful heart, BletJhaw drove the motorbike back to Khane Chue, picked up his boys from school, and then went to show his wife the high beam light….but it did not come on!  It did not work before or after inspection!  (We are getting it fixed now)!

“Ah Lord God!  Behold, Thou hast made the heaven and the earth by Thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for Thee!”  Jeremiah 32:1

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The Heathen Wedding

The tougher my trials and disappointments, the tighter I cling to the Master.

The tighter I cling to the Master the better I see His grace and His power.

The better that I see His grace and His power the stronger and clearer my testimony of Him! 


Last week we discovered that a BYT boy would get married to a girl living in another village.  The actual wedding would be in another village, but the usual heathen preparations were made in BYT, which included slaughtering the pig, and playing extremely loud wicked music over two loud speakers, supplied by our head man.  It seemed the whole village came alive with revelry and mirth.  We heard the dying screams of the pig, followed by the sound of heavy chopping, as many hands made light work of finely chopping the raw swine’s flesh, which is the delicacy of a heathen wedding here in our jungle mountains – topped only by the abundance of alcohol.


It was a poorly attended prayer meeting that night in our little Seventh-Day Adventist church.  In answer to our fervent prayers the music stopped while we worshipped and started again shortly after.  My heart was heavy, as I thought of the dear people around me. Many were baptized church members. Would they join in the dissoluteness and depravity surrounding them?


My heart was pounding in my head.  My entire body seemed to be revolting against this wild and wicked music, which invaded our house and overpowered any headphone containing godly music.   Heart breaking thoughts of our people conforming to worldly practices and their lack of concern for the things of heaven, drove me out of the house that night.  I found myself climbing up the mountain trying to get away from the horrid, heavy beat of that wretched music so that I could commune with God.


At the top of the first mountain I could still hear that music. –  I kept on walking.  It was a beautiful night!  The moon was large and full right at the horizon, making it easy to walk without the help of a flashlight.  Finally all was silent.  There was only the sound of night bugs and the faint breeze sending a light rustle of the leaves in the trees.  I was not alone.  I kept singing my Mother’s favorite song: “My God and I go in the field together, we walk and talk as good friends should and do.  We clasp our hands…”


I rededicated my life to God that night.  Watching that bright circle of light passing behind the dark outline of the trees as I passed by filled me with a greater longing to reflect the ‘Sun-of-Righteousness’ than ever before.  I thought about something I had read in Gospel Workers:

“He who calls men to repentance must commune with God in prayer. He must cling to the Mighty One, saying, “I will not let Thee go, except Thou bless me.  Give me power to win souls to Christ!”  page 509


Oh how I prayed for the people of my village!


I found myself all the way up to Hoe Pado (The big Pagoda) , which is 7 kilometers from our house, I still wanted to walk farther, but turned around, thinking that BletJhaw may be worried about me seeing that he was gone when I left the house.  It was late and I still had 7 more kilometers to go! As I descended that last mountain into BYT, the music met my ears again and grew louder and louder as I came down. I thought of Moses descending Mt. Sinai and how he had to break God’s precious 10 commandments because of the people’s disobedience.


The next sermon I preached came straight from God.  I can take NO credit.  The title: “Believing the Devil.”  It was a simple outline:

  1. A story of a girl who disobeyed and rebelled against her parents.  Going to a party that her parents told her not to go to.  She drank alcohol, met a young man who was drinking heavily, got into his car and had a head-on collision.  At the hospital she asked the nurse to please tell her parents she was sorry and then she died.  She did not know that the car they crashed into was her parents coming to find her and they were both killed also.
  2. The Bible story of Zedekiah who refused to believe God’s warnings from Jeremiah, therefore receiving his fateful end!  Watched his children killed before him, then they gouged his eyes out and he died in captivity, just as predicted. Jeremiah 39:6,7
  3.  I talked about myself.  God sent me to BYT.  It looks like my main purpose is medical because I care for the sick every day and go to other villages with medicine, but my main purpose is to teach them about God so they can love and obey Him and be saved.  These things that they do will keep them out of heaven.  I told them how much I love them and that I did not want to go to heaven without them.  I pleaded with them and cried as I spoke.  As BletJhaw interpreted he cried also.  It was a very powerful time with the Holy Spirit in control.  I noticed several wet eyes as I shook hands at the door afterward.


“True workers walk and work by faith.  Sometimes they grow weary with watching the slow advance of the work when the battle wages strong between the powers of good and evil.  But if they refuse to fail or be discouraged they will see the clouds breaking away and the promise of deliverance fulfilling…After doing what you can, wait for the Lord, declaring His faithfulness, and He will bring His word to pass.  Wait, not in fretful anxiety, but in undaunted faith and unshaken trust!”  7T 245

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Fountain View Academy!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that part of FountainView Academy in Canada, would ever step foot in my village far away in the jungles of Thailand. But God is always surprising me with blessings beyond my comprehension!


I heard that the president of this famous musical academy, Michael Dunbar, had heard about our work in BYT and when he brought the Senior class to Sunshine Orchard, a group also came to visit and bless us from March 14-18!! There were 17 of them, (Ten students and 7 teachers).  I was so filled with joy and thrilled with God’s blessings that I could hardly keep my feet on the ground!

Still hard to believe – is it really true? Seventeen people from FVA right here in front of our mission house/clinic in BYT! Praise the Lord forever!


Not only did those ten students and teachers sing together like the angels, but they also restrung my two old, simple, Thai violins, and using the deteriorated violin bows, amazed our simple village people, (Me too)!! with the incredable sounds of heavenly music.  The walls of our little church has never heard such harmony and the people never gazed upon so many faces, radiant with the love of God, and the joy of a life hid in Christ Jesus! Only in heaven will we learn of the results of their music, their testimonies, worships, and sermon in this place.

I have a lovely video of my favorite group song and of Mertessa (Girl in the blue) playing the violin, but it won’t send because it is too long.  If anyone can help me send videos by some other rout it would be so nice.  I really want you to hear the music they brought us.  Even though it sounds even more wonderful in real life!!

But hang on!  I am not finished yet!  Dr. Thomas, a practicing doctor in New Zealand was also in this group.  He shared up-to-date medical knowledge with me in the clinic, as I face all manor of diseases and undiagnosable problems from day to day.  He was such a support and help to me, that I now really miss him.   Also I discovered that the president, Micael Dunbar has a profound knowledge of medicine, illness, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. (I might explain this president as a “Walking Encyclopedia!” What encouragement, support and knowledge has been gleaned from their short visit!

President, Michael Dunbar

Doctor Thomas from New Zealand

…And that’s not all!  A dear dentist and his wife, Ronnie and Ashley Hold from BlueRidge Tennessee were also in the group, full of smiles and wonderful words of encouragement!  Their son, Nick, a FVA senior was also in the group. I knew them from a visit I had in their church 4 years ago!  My heart is just melted right down and running over with thankfulness and praise to God, because He knows my dental knowledge is very small, and even with the 2 visits of our dear dentist in Alaska, Jack and Katie Hamilton, I still run into problems too difficult for me!  Now Doctor Hold taught me, showed me, gave me more supplies, and demonstrated their use.  Michael Dunbar so thoughtfully took a video of the instructions as I pulled a few teeth, knowing it would be such a helpful resource for me in the future.

Doctor Ronnie Hold with his wife, Ashley

Our Sabbath divine worship was “Over-the-Top!” for me because more than 100 people attended that day from at least 4 different villages. (Not counting the visitors).  I could not restrain the tears of joy that continually came to my eyes, as I heard the lovely music and knew this was God Himself bringing His love to my people of the jungle mountains, through FVA! It shows me with outstanding clarity the marvelous love of God for these people and He is working to save them for eternity!

You do not even see all the people in this picture because they are also on the porch and down the stairs!!

BletJhaw and I with Fountain View Academy!

The president, Michael Dunbar preaching the Sabbath Sermon

Song Service with violins!

Three young men, singing: “A Few Good Men!” Beautiful!

I have a lot of hand woven Karen clothes that people have given me, so the girls all wore them for church, making our village people so happy. One lady came up to Tessa, (Far left) and proudly told her: “I made that shirt and skirt!”


After church we had a lovely meal all together under the church!  The people are so happy!

We eat white noodles and curry together. Everybody is happy!

On Sunday we hired another truck to help us take everybody to LaGlah village with us, where we did our normal routine of treating the patients, eating their food, and having a worship in PaJew’s house.  We had given him money to cook for all of us, which he was so happy to do!  FVA sang for his household and conducted a short worship.

Doctor Hold carrying his dental suitcase into LaGlah village!

Dear Doctor Hold, always smiling, always encouraging and helpful. He pulled one tooth in LaGlah village. The patient was so grateful to get rid of that aching tooth!


Treating the patients together in LaGlah village, while FVA sang song after song to the patients who were waiting for treatment! You can see them singing in the background! What a wonderful day it was!

Here are the faithful ones, MeMe, BletJhaw’s sister, and WaNeePaw, his wife! They cooked all the food for 24 people for 4 days, delighting everyone with their tasty food!  Even those not used to eating rice 3 times a day were very complimentary of the food.  I really thank them with all my heart because I NEVER could have done it.  They were not expendable to say the least!!

BletJhaw’s wife on the left, his sister on the right!


I have fallen in love with all these people from this famous school in Canada and now I miss them very much! Many of the students and teachers have expressed their desire to come back and spend more time with us!  Until that day or until the day we meet again in heaven BletJhaw and I will always hold you all so dear to our hearts, and pray that each senior will pursue the work that God has given them to save the lost.  May they stay true to God till He comes.


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My Teacher and the Book!

This is an incredible story!

Last summer when visiting America, Joyce Dick invited me to give a mission report on my BYT work in the Open Circle Sabbath School in Collegedale TN.  Joyce had been my English teacher in academy and also worked in Memorial hospital years later as a journalist when I was director in that Emergency Department. These Sabbath School members had collected a large donation for us to purchase an oxygen concentrator and a new motorbike.   My heart was filled with gratitude and I invited all the SS members to attend my larger presentation at Garden Plaza that evening where my Mother lives.  To my surprise they all came!  Afterwards Joyce caught my arm and said:  “I’m going to come and visit you.  I can bring the oxygen concentrator!”
As I thought about that I was reminded of what a good writer she is.  It also came to mind that so many people through the years have told me that I should write a book because so many events and stories have built up to where we are today!
I began to pray that if it is God’s will I could mention this thought to Joyce even though it seemed impossible.  After we talked together about it, she became very excited to do it!  We both kept praying for God’s will, and told the Lord that if writing a book would help others give their all to God and reach the lost, then we wanted to do it – that’s the only reason!  It was amazing how God had put us together.  Now step by step God has opened doors for this book and pushed us through them!
So guess what?!  Just last week, Joyce, her daughter Valerie, and their friend Joyce actually came to BYT for 4 days!  They ate our food, endured the bad roads, visited 3 villages, enjoyed our Bible studies with the people and best of all loved our people of the jungle mountains.  The stage has been set and the work is in progress!  Please pray for God and only God to be glorified, and that hearts will be convicted to work unreservedly for God in reaching the lost.

Joyce in QuayCo village

Enjoying a delicious meal, cooked and served by PaJew in LaGlah village

Joyce is telling a Bible story to a little sick patient in the clinic

Valerie’s lovely flute music charms a kicking screaming one year old, who hates the nebulizer treatment. A magical moment!

A lovely oxygen concentrator purchased right here in Thailand at a cheaper price! Thank you Open Circle Sabbath School!

Saying goodbye at MaeSot airport yesterday.

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The Love and Mercy of God


“Take away suffering and need, and we should have no way of understanding the mercy and love of God, no way of knowing the compassionate, sympathetic heavenly Father. Never does the gospel put on an aspect of greater loveliness than when it is brought to the most needy and destitute regions. Then it is that its light shines forth with the clearest radiance and the greatest power.” Testimonies 7:226, 227

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Give freely of yourself to others.

Give them whatever they need.

Give treatment to the sick.

Give hugs to the children.

Give all your love to all the people.


It’s the only time they will get to see God,

And it’s really the only way you can see God!

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“Light” Graduation, Laoag City, Nueva Era Mountain

I want to tell you about the inspiration that my occasional trips to the Philippines brings me. The Philippine youth are full of smiles, hugs and photographs!  My latest trip was only for 2 days, but because of complicated travel it took me a full week.

So last week I travelled to Laoag City to speak for the “Light” graduation.  This is a branch of medical missionary training, to prepare the young people to work for God.  I was a little confused about my complicated travel itinerary.  I must stop over in Malaysia, change planes to Manila, and spend the night in Manila.  Now Manila has 4 terminals, and the one you arrive in is usually not the one you need to fly out of, so I must spend the night in one terminal and get myself to another terminal the other side of that crowded city, early in the morning so I can catch that early flight to Laoag City, a small country town which is on the northern most tip of the Philippines. One redeeming feature is that most of the people in the Philippines can speak English!   I heard it was cold there up north, but I did not take very warm clothes – I love to travel light!  My trip back to Bangkok was even more complicated because I had to travel to another terminal at 2 o’clock in the morning and not sure of transportation!

Flying into Manila

I made it to Laoag City, and was met by Diomar Cruz, the Associate Director, and 2 others who work at “Light.”  We boarded their jeepny and drove 2 hours through villages and gardens of corn and rice to a place in the mountains called Nueva Era Mountain.  Finally our road became dirt and rock, then we walked the remainder short distance to a beautiful campus deep in nature, where I met the students and staff.  I slept in a bamboo hut, (which I loved)!
The food was plant based and delicious.
The presentations seemed to change the future decisions of several of the students to be missionaries and give their all to God!  I was thrilled! The classes that they have attended over the past 6 months had also changed their hearts and helped them gain victories in their lives!
I love to speak to the young people in the Philippines, they are enthusiastic, loving and teachable.  Their motto:  Steadfastly Testify.  I loved that topic and fit my presentations around it.
Before my Sabbath presentation for the divine worship, Diomar Cruz presented me with a gift that brought sudden tears to my eyes as soon as I saw it.  It showed me with Jesus and His arm was around me!  Printed beside it was the poem sung by Darryl Sawyer:  “I’m never alone,”  and the verse in Matthew 28:20 “I am with thee alway, even unto the end of the world.”  There was a personal note on the back – so precious!  I will treasure it until Jesus comes and really puts His arm around me!
Saturday night they asked me if I would like to hike with them to the top of the mountain where they would sleep in hammocks and enjoy worship there in the morning.  I would love to, so together after 8 p.m. we hiked for 45 mins in the dark to the top.  It was very VERY windy up there, but I slept well.  In the morning I had a lovely surprise!  What a breathtaking view all the way around us!  After worship there was singing, hugs and many pictures.  Then we descended the mountain and prepared for departure.
I praise the Lord because compared to BYT it was not cold up there, and all my travels went so smoothly, I felt the presence the Lord beside me all the way leading me in a plain path.  See Psalm 27:11
Once again the love and joy of the Philippine youth touched my heart.  I was deeply blessed and refreshed to continue my work in BYT.
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Here is poor TahNahWit.  He is a very sad 12 year old boy from GeGhah village.

We were called late at night last week by the school workers and teachers, to please come and check a boy who had a bad injury to his leg.  Not knowing where or how it had happened we flashlighted our way to the school and waited to be shown the way to this boy.  Come to find out he had wrecked a motorbike out in the rice garden behind the school and we must walk back there and check him.
Yes, as BletJhaw and I examined the boy, and I was sure that right leg, (tibia) was broken, but did not seem to be displaced at all.  He was in a lot of pain, but seemed to be sad as well. I told the teachers that he didn’t need to go to the hospital that night, but should receive an x-ray in the morning.  He was carried to the school on a blanket tied to 2 wooden sticks.
The Father had arrived at this point and we asked him to decide if he wanted hospital treatment or not. We knew from past experience that if he decided to do it the devil way he would tear off the cast, so we made it clear that if we took him to the hospital he would have to obey the doctor and leave the cast on the entire time.  The father agreed to obey, so the next morning we were off to Meta hospital.
I am thankful to the dear Principal of the school and the teachers who give such loving care to their students!!
As you can see the boy has a long leg cast on. It was a complete fracture of the tibia, but what bothers me so much is  the doctor put that cast on with the leg straight as a board!  The knee should be bent a little in a functional position.  It will still heal alright if the cast is left on, the only thing is  that recovery will be more difficult and it will take longer to get full range of motion.
The reason the boy acted so sad and downcast, was not all due to the pain.  We discovered that he had taken his father’s motorbike without permission and without knowing how to drive it very well.  Consequently he had a bad wreck and really suffered the consequences.  I know he learned a very important lesson the hard way in the rice garden!  And as I prayed for him that day, I prayed he would learn the most important lesson of all – to obey his Father in heaven, who created and made him and who is the only One who can heal that broken bone!  -For the dear Savior says:
“I am the Lord that healeth thee.”  Exodus 15:26
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